Wearever Lace Panties

Wearever Lace Panties

There are lots of reasons people need incontinence garments. Menopause, old age, strokes and other medical issues, and more. It’s nice to know if you do require them, there’s a greener option than the disposables we see on  most grocery store shelves.

Washable incontinence garments save money and don’t contribute to our landfills. They save hundreds of dollars over disposable, can be washed hundreds of times, and look and feel like regular underwear so there’s less discomfort for the wearer.

Wearever sells both men and women’s incontinence undergarments. Their women’s designs are soft and feminine and traditional fabrics and trims of “regular” panties. The Wearever Lace Panties are composed of nylon trimmed with stretch lace with a waterproof outer layer where it’s needed to prevent leaks. Antimicrobial fibers which eliminate bacteria keep odors from being a problem. These panties are machine wash and dry for easy cleaning.

Protection is provided without the user wearing a “diaper” and without the telltale swishing sound and bulk of an adult diaper. For most people, a washable incontinent garment can be used in place of disposable adult diapers. The pad traps liquid and it’s super absorbent. No inserts or disposable pads are required for these light to moderate incontinence panties. Should you need more protection, there are other options.

Checkout the Wearever site for their full line of incontinent underwear and panties for men and women. Everyone should feel comfortable no matter what their health issues are.