Alex and I cooking Chef Boyardee Calzones

Alex and I cooking Chef Boyardee Calzones

So sorry for the late notice….my junkmail filter is on overtime and I almost missed this important date!  Join me and a lot of other great moms to chat about cooking with our children and how spending time in the kitchen can make us feel like a kid again.

The Little Chefs Project Cook-Alongs

The Little Chefs Project: Feel Like A Kid Again

Oct 11, 2012 Thursday, 2:00pm EST

Get the details for the party at The Motherhood and join me for some food and fun. I’ll be sharing my Chef Boyardee calzone recipe and pictures from our latest cooking escapade. My boys are adults now, but we still have fun in the kitchen.

We’ll also be sharing the new Chef Boyardee The Little Chef’s Project ebook which is a collaboration of new and old moms and ways to have fun in the kitchen with the kids. Hints and tips on how to make cooking fun and educational as well as ways to get in and out of the kitchen quickly.

Use the link above and then click on the date and time to be taken to the chat. The chat happens right on The Motherhood’s site.