4 Wedding Planners

Planning a wedding can be an extremely stressful time in your life.  For Miriam and her three daughters, Lily, Twinny, and Hoku, it’s the family business. 4 Wedding Planners is a film that follows the story of Miriam and her family through wedding planning bliss. With a business based around marriage, we learn that life is not all about bells and bridesmaids.

Miriam (Illeana Douglas), the matriarch of the family has been married and divorced three times and has a daughter from each marriage. With her ample wedding experience it only made sense that she turns her experience into a job. Concerned about her daughters’ well-being, this mother does everything possible to ensure her family is happy.

Her oldest daughter, Lily (Kimberly Rose-Wolter), is a photographer and lives in Los Angeles. She’s afraid of commitment because of her mother’s rocky past.  On a recent trip to Hawaii with her boyfriend, he pops the big question and Lily’s response is not quite what anyone expected.

Twinny (Mia Riverton), the middle child is also the peace maker of the family.  She’s concerned with everyone being happy but it becomes apparent that her siblings are not quite as concerned about her until suspicions are raised about her husband.  Twinny’s the only one of the sisters who is married and now she works hard to keep her family together while settling disputes between her sisters.

The youngest of the family, Hoku (Janel Parrish), is just dying to get married.  She’s currently dating Lily’s ex-boyfriend Kai (Sung Kang), and she hasn’t had the courage to tell Lily about her relationship. She’s so determined to prove that her relationship is foolproof that she ends up putting additional stress on herself.

On first glance the women seem to have everything figured out but as we learn, life is not always that easy.  This comedy is fast paced and it doesn’t disappoint.  The movie is set in Hawaii and the visuals and soundtrack are as delightful as the story line depicted.

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  • Rated: Not Rated
  • Release Date: October 2, 2012
  • Run Time: 76 minutes
  • Directed By: Michael Kang
  • Retail Price: $24.98