FatWallet Logo - same money and earn cash back while shopping onlineI’ve started Christmas shopping. I always start with Columbus Day sales. It’s one of those weekends when there are fabulous sales and the selection is fabulous. Last night I settled in with my laptop and started shopping at all the usual places.

My boys are adults so I shop Gap.com, Aeropostal.com, Amazon.com, and other stores of that nature. I placed a rather large order with Gap.com and then whacked myself upside the head when I remembered that I could have earned cashback by shopping through FatWallet.com.

I’ve been a member of FatWallet.com for years. So many that when I tried to log in last night I tried every email addy I could think of that I’ve used in the last 10 years and finally found the right one. Imagine my astonishment when I realized I had $80 in cash waiting for me!

Thank goodness I figured out the password and login and the first thing I did was move that money to my PayPal account and then I continued shopping. Only this time I used the links on FatWallet.com so I’ll get more cashback.

Here's a sampling of the online stores available through FatWallet - there are hundreds more.

Here’s a sampling of the online stores available through FatWallet – there are hundreds more.

FatWallet is easy to use – just sign up and before you go shopping online check to see if the store you’d like to shop at is listed there. Then click on the link and do your shopping. Your purchase is automatically recorded and in a few weeks (after a return period passes) you’ll find your credit. There are also coupons and discounts listed and it’s the place to visit before Black Friday and Cyber Monday to find out what the best deals are. In fact, most of that $80 was from a TV I bought on Black Friday 2011 with a steep discount and then the additional cash back!

FatWallet is free to use and if you’re an online shopper, it’ll save you money and earn you some as well! Don’t do your 2012 Holiday shopping without first visiting there and be sure to watch for the 2012 Black Friday and Cyber Monday listings – they get them up before most other sites.

Let the holiday shopping begin! 🙂