Check out these fabulous DIY inspirations for adding fall decor both to the inside and outside of your home. Any of these would fall wreath ideas would look equally wonderful on your front door, over your fireplace, or in the entryway hall. What they all have in common is great fall color, easy DIY instructions, and they’re all relatively inexpensive or even free.

It’s not too late to gather your crafting supplies and get to hot gluing, tying, and sewing to whip yourself or someone you love up a fall wreath. Plan it so that you can add to and remove bits and pieces to restyle it for Halloween and Thanksgiving and maybe even Christmas and New Years and really stretch your decorating budget.

Most of these can be done with kids, too! Take them out to collect pine cones  berries, leaves, etc. It’s a great time to talk about the change of seasons, why leaves turn colors and drop, and what berries are edible and which to stay away from! Plus, give them their own supplies to make a wreath for their bedroom door! Get them interested early in creating and using their imagination and hand/eye coordination. Every moment is a learning opportunity!

Fall Leaf Monogram Wreath by The Thrifty Abode

This Fall Leaf Monogram Wreath by The Thrifty Abode is adorable and so simple! Granted, for someone with “O” for a last name it becomes a simple wreath!

Modern Fall Wreath Tutorial by

Jen at Tater Tots and Jello created this modern wreath with a few craft supplies including scrapbook paper, paint, foam, and Mod Podge!

Fall Explosion DIY Wreath

Christina from the Frugal Homemaker describes her diy fall wreath as “the day fall exploded all over my door.” You can recreate her decoration easily and change out the bunting to reflect Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Crocheted Fall Wreath by Repeat Crafter me:

Can’t crochet like Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me? You could do the same with a thrifted sweater. But if you are a crotchet  this is as simple as making a scarf. Sara sells embellishments like the pumpkins in her Etsy store, too!

Better Homes and Gardens Rake Fall Wreath

Rusty old garden implements? Re-purpose them into fall decor! This Better Homes and Gardens Rake Fall Wreath is super easy and can be decorated with any seasonal and local plants and flowers.

Tulle Monster Wreath

One last adorable DIY wreath….technically not really fall, but it’s so cute we couldn’t resist sharing it. It’s a tulle monster wreath by Jill at and it’s so simple to make but so creative! It could easily be reused at Christmas by adding a red Santa hat and relocating the eyes a bit to become The Grinch!  Very clever!

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