Sam the Cat wearing his Tagg Pet Tracker Collar

Sam the Cat wearing his Tagg Pet Tracker Collar

A few months ago my son’s beloved cat disappeared for 10 days . Thankfully he returned, but those were some anxiety filled days spent placing signs, scouring the neighborhood, and worrying where he was and if he was well. (read: Early Morning Visitor Turns Out To Be a Welcomed Sight)

Since his return, we’ve tried to keep him inside, but we’ve found it’s almost impossible. He’s an expert at darting between our legs when we open the door. To keep him from disappearing again and causing so much distress, we put the Tagg™ pet tracking system collar on him and hoped for the best.

I didn’t know much about the Tagg™ pet tracking collar before we received it but now that we’ve used it for a few weeks I’ve got to tell you, it’s amazing!

Setting up the Tagg Pet Tracker is so easy!

Setting up the Tagg Pet Tracker is so easy!


Set up of the advanced GPS pet tracker was very easy. I logged into the Tagg™ website and registered the cat’s collar and set up my account. There is a nominal monthly monitoring fee and a credit/debit card is required to open an account. Once the account is active, the collar is paired with the account and I was ready to continue the process.

The Tagg™ site walked me through the entire set up process and it’s completely foolproof. Their system pulled up my neighborhood on GPS and I designated a “safe” area for the cat. I would have loved to make his safe area a smaller one, but there is a limit on both the minimum and maximum amount of free roam area. The safe area is important because once the cat goes outside of the designated area, the Tagg™ system notifies me via email, text, and via an alert on their website. There’s also a mobile app available for those with smartphone (alas, I do not have one).

The collar is lightweight and snapping it onto the base to charge is easy

The collar is lightweight and snapping it onto the base to charge is easy


The Tagg™ collar reports the pet’s location every 3-10 minutes and when I’m logged into the Tagg™ site I can see where the cat is. It’s not real-time tracking under normal circumstances. That’s because the collar’s battery would be expended too quickly. Instead it sends a signal every couple of minutes and by refreshing the page I can see where the cat is. There’s also a “page” function on the Tagg™ base that lets me locate the cat and it tells me how far away from the base he is. This is helpful, but it doesn’t give me more than a general idea that he’s within his safe area.

While the cat is within the signal area of the base unit, the collar goes into power saver mode. It’s important to keep the base plugged in so that this feature works. Under normal use, the collar only needs to be charged every few weeks.

How the TAGG Pet Tracker Works

The blue area is Sam’s “safe zone.” The yellow paw is where Sam currently is and since he’s out of his zone, there’s a red alert at the top of the screen (I’ve blurred the street names for Sam’s privacy)


Using the Tagg Pet Tracker to follow your pet's trail

Using the Tagg Pet Tracker to follow your pet’s trail – the yellow dots are the last locations the collar was found at and the paw is where the pet currently is located at.

Where the Tagg™ tracker collar really shines is when the cat breaches his safe area. I’m alerted on the website and via email and additional options become available. These include tracking the cat and following his trail. While the cat is being tracked his collar lights up which also helps us locate him, especially at night. Recently the cat has been returning home when we start tracking him – it could be a coincidence, or the lights frighten him and he comes home. Whatever the reason, it makes it easy for us.


The collar is incredibly smart. It attached in seconds to his current collar and it pops off in easily so we can place it in the charger. The website lets me know when the collar becomes detached or when it’s removed. The collar also lets me know when the battery is running low.


We used the collar on both a small dog and the cat. The dog had no issues with the collar but the cat turned it into a chew toy. He chewed through one end and exposed the metal insides. The collar is on the large size and it made it easier for the cat to get to it.


Pets must be over 10 lbs to use the collar tracker and it can be used for either dogs or cats (sorry, it’s not approved for humans). There’s no activation fee and no contract; cancel your account at any time. The collar tags come in 4 colors – gray, blue, pink, and white. Tagg™ trackers do not work in all areas. Check your area on the Tagg™  coverage map before ordering. The system can be set up to track multiple pets – just purchase additional collar units and register them on the site for a small fee. Up to 9 pets can be tracked on one account.


This is such a fabulous gift idea! Buy the gift of safety for a pet lover’s best friend! Three, six, and twelve month gift plans are available.

Sam with his Tagg Pet Tracker Collar

Sam with his Tagg Pet Tracker Collar


I couldn’t be more impressed by the Tagg™ Pet Tracking System. We tried it on  both a large cat and a small dog and found it worked exactly as advertised. We couldn’t be happier with the service and it’s given us piece of mind in a trouble-free package!

Bella the dog wearing the Tagg Pet Tracker Collar

Bella the dog wearing the Tagg Pet Tracker Collar