Bicoastal Bage

I don’t get to read books like I used to. My eyes just can’t focus on the page after hours of working on my computer; so I’m a huge fan of audio books. Still, there are occasions when I read about a book and the synopsis interests me so much that I make an exception to my audio-only rule and seek out the print copy.

That happened recently when I was blog hopping and I came across a review of a book entitled “Bicoastal Babe.” I don’t remember exactly what it was about the story line that interested me, but I happened to make a comment on the review that I was going to seek out the book from my library. Lucky me, a PR person for the publisher saw my note and contacted me with an offer to read the book.

The book arrived and I dove right in. It’s the story of Lindsey Miller, age 28, who’s having a really bad life. She’s jobless, sick, and her love life is a mess. When a friend gets her an interview with an advertising company in Chicago, Lindsey finds herself in the enviable position of a writer for an ultra-hip newsletter. It’s a job she fell into and wasn’t qualified for, but which is a chance of a lifetime, so she goes with it.

This new position requires her to have a presence in both NYC and LA in an effort to find the “next big thing,” as a trend spotter. It’s not long before Lindsey begins to live two lives with a man on each coast – a slick man from Manhattan name Victor Ragsdale who’s a broker on Wall Street and a blond surfer dude, Danny Wynn, in LA.

Of course, it can’t be this easy and it’s not long before she risks being found out – both in her job and her love life – and of course that’s so much fun for the reader. Lindsey is a lovable character and it’s easy to get carried away with the story and root her on as she tries to juggle two men and a job she’s not qualified for.

Bicoastal Babe” is  an unapologetic piece of chick lit that’s a great read and perfect for a fall weekend in front of the fire.

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  • Writer: Cynthia Langston (March 6, 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 0615608094 / ISBN-13: 978-0615608099
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