Arachnophobia Blu-ray Edition Released 2012

Arachnophobia Blu-ray Edition Released 2012

I have an uncanny ability to spot spiders – near or far. While I can sometimes ignore them if they’re a safe distance away, if they’re even remotely close enough to touch me, I’ll call in reinforcements. In most cases my husband, to facilitate removal of the little monsters.

So to say I hate spiders is an understatement, but evidently not as much as everyone else here at MIscFinds4u, because no one else was brave enough to watch Arachnophobia on Blu-ray. It’s amusing that something so small and harmless can strike terror in humans hundreds of times bigger than themselves.

I cautiously began the film with a sense of dread to find the story revolves around an unknown spider species that was discovered in Venezuela and its incredibly creepy and disturbing journey to Northern California. The spider arrives in California where it meets a local spider and the two end up hitting it off. This pairing causes a new breed of spider species to develop and the story begins.

Dr. Jennings (Jeff Daniels) is terrified of eight legged creatures.  He also happens to be the town’s only doctor and when people start mysteriously dying, it’s his job to figure out what the cause is.  He soon discovers this new species of spiders are responsible for the deaths and he enlists a terminator (John Goodman) to assist in his crusade. As a team, they begin to work on ways to eliminate the arachnids.

The Blu-ray release of this Arachnophobia keeps all of the original story lines in place, but what’s new are the special features.  This movie was the first of its kind to combine comedy with horror in a way it had never been done before, so the fact that there isn’t a blooper roll is disappointing.  The special features include the original trailer, a short video on filming in Venezuela, and a biopic about the director.

With Halloween quickly approaching it’s the perfect time to get your hands on the new Blu-Ray release of the Arachnophobia movie .

Arachnophobia Blu-Ray Movie Details

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