SureFlap's New Pet Door for small dogs and large cats - available December 2012

SureFlap’s New Pet Door for small dogs and large cats – available December 2012

A few months ago I shared with you the installation of our  

 (read: Creepy Midnight Visitors Locked Out with this Brilliant Solution). It’s a door that only opens when a recognized pet microchip is within its range. We installed the door when we discovered “something” was using our traditional cat door to get access into our home. We love our  and it’s kept our mysterious nighttime visitor outside where he belongs.

Gracie, our teacup Maltese - she's about 5 lbs

Gracie, our teacup Maltese – she’s about 5 lbs

Our dog Gracie, a teacup Maltese, is able to use the door with no problems. She’s recognized that she needs to stop for a moment and wait for the click to let her in. At the time we installed the door it was the only size available. But recognizing a need for a larger door, SureFlap will be releasing a new product in December that will accommodate large cats and small dogs.

The Microchip Pet Door is definitely something we could use so that our slightly chubby Pomeranian could also let herself in and out. But instead of pulling out and installing the new door, we’ll be giving it away! The new door retails for $199 and can easily be installed within a door or wall. The Microchip Pet Door can be used to let your pet outside or between rooms – say the garage where the litter box is kept and the house.

The pet’s microchip is paired with the door in just a few seconds or if your pet’s not been chipped, there is a collar tag included (extras are available for an additional fee) to activate the door. Got more than one pet? No problem. The door is capable of recognizing up to 32 microchip numbers.

There are some cool new features on the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door that are not found on their Cat Door. The first is a new curfew mode that allows you to select a time for the door to lock or unlock so you can prevent your pet for leaving or entering at certain times of the day. They’ve also upped the security by putting in a double lock to keep the outsiders outside where they belong.

New new pet door is larger than the original with an opening measurement of 7″ wide x 6.69″ high (the cat door is 5-3/4″ x 4-3/4″). Like the cat door, it’s battery powered with a 12-month expected battery life so there’s no wiring and you’re not limited to placing it where an outlet is located. The door can be installed in several ways and fit kits are available to help you complete your installation.

The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door will be available to purchase in December 2012. Be sure to subscribe to our site so you’ll be notified when we do the giveaway – you’ll want to be sure to enter! Or you can sign up with SureFlap to be notified by email as soon as the new door is avaialble for purchase so you can get it installed and ready for winter.

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