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I’m the type of person who is very fastidious about keeping a clean home. Everything in my house gets a thorough cleaning at least twice a week, and nobody is allowed to wear shoes indoors. Still, with two dogs, a cat, and a young child, keeping a carpeted floor fully clean can be difficult if not impossible.

I asked some of my friends about carpet cleaning services, and a few of them recommended Green Choice Carpet Cleaning to me. I decided to go along with their recommendations and I was very happy with the results.

My biggest concern with hiring carpet cleaners was exposure to harsh chemicals. I have a number of allergies, and I’m very paranoid about exposing myself to certain things. Plus, we don’t know what harm typical carpet-cleaning chemicals are causing to our children and pets who are in contact with it.  The person I spoke to at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning was quick to reassure me that their steam cleaning process was organic and completely non-toxic.

I arranged for them to clean my carpet later on that day. I must say, they were incredibly friendly and thorough. I didn’t even realize how dirty my carpet was until after they cleaned it. All in all, I was very happy with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning and will continue to use them in the future. If you need your carpet cleaned, I would definitely recommend that you go with them.

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Special thanks for allowing me to guest post and share my experience with green carpet cleaning. I’ll never go back to the chemical-laden cleaners I used in the past. I appreciate finding a better way to keep my carpets clean and fresh.