Menopause - It's not a dirty word and why not celebrate moving on to the next stage in life?

Menopause – It’s not a dirty word and why not celebrate moving on to the next stage in life? – My sister enjoying a glass of win with me at a wine store opening a few weeks ago.

Menopause is not a dirty word. If you’re a woman, you’ll likely experience the symptoms of peri-menopause at some point – it’s a natural part in our aging process. September is Menopause Awareness Month so what better time to have “the second talk.” We talk to our girls about having their first period – but it’s amazing how few talk about the other end – when menses ends.

Getting older doesn't have to mean BEING old.

Getting older doesn’t have to mean BEING old.

I realized I’d hit that stage of my life right around my 50th birthday. I started having what I call “phantom periods.” All the symptoms of a real one – headache, sensitivities, cravings, irritability, etc – but no actual menstrual cycle. I’d have 3-4 months of phantom periods and think I was finally menopausal (12 months without a period) when I’d get hit with one that was so overwhelming that I could hardly keep up with it.

I’m 51 now and I’m still having the same symptoms but I’ve been really fortunate that these are the only ones. I know that many woman experience hot flashes, night sweats, dryness, itching, etc., but I’ve been lucky. I thought my sister was lucky as well because years ago she’d had a complete hysterectomy including the removal of her tubes. I thought that meant she’d escape peri-menopause and its annoying symptoms. Not so. It turns out that at two years younger than me, she’s already suffering from the symptoms above and more.

Poise Menopause Products Kit

Visit the Poise Fab 5 Page at for information and coupons

Visit the Poise Feminine Wellness products page at for information and coupons

After my sister and I chatted and had “the second talk,” I decided to put together a little menopause kit for her. I first visited the Poise Fab Five page on the Walmart website to print coupons for the products I’ll be purchasing.  Poise offers 5 different products so you can pick and choose the products for your specific symptoms.

I headed to my local Walmart determined to put together a menopause kit that would be fun and useful. I went first to the feminine hygiene aisle to look for the Poise products. There I was able to locate 4 of the 5 products I went for and I popped them into my cart.

Poise groups their products by symptom. For hot flash comfort, chose from Poise Roll-on Cooling Gel and Poise Body Cooling Towelettes. For daily freshness, they have Poise Feminine Wash and Poise Panty Freshener. For intimate moments they have created Poise Personal Lubricant.

Welcome to Menopause Gift Bag

Welcome to Menopause Gift Bag

I picked up a cute bag, a gift tag, and some chocolate to complete my gift. I think now a bottle of wine would have been a great thing to include as well and perhaps a candle or two – reaching menopause doesn’t mean your life is over.  My sister is young and vibrant and I dare anyone call her old to her face!

So what do you think – cool or weird to get a “welcome to menopause” gift bag? I think she’ll love it and I’m glad that we were able to talk about something that for some is taboo. I’m all for sharing experiences and learning from each other and The Second Talk gave us a chance to do just that. Check out my full Poise shop here.

Go online to the Walmart Poise Fab 5 page and print your own coupon good for $1 off any 2 Poise Menopause products

Go online to the Walmart Poise Feminine Wellness products page and print your own coupon good for $1 off any 2 Poise Menopause products

Poise Coupons

Pick up the September issue of All You magazine for information on menopause and the $1.00-off coupon. Or visit the Poise brand page on to watch 5 fabulous ladies talk about their symptoms and how Poise products help them manage them. Watch their videos and then print a $1.00-off coupon.

Poise Twitter Party

Want to learn more about menopause and how Poise Feminine Wellness products  can help you? Attend the Poise Feminine Wellness products Twitter Party on 9/20/12 from 1-2PM EST. To be eligible for prizes, you’ll need to RSVP for the event.

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