Rachelle, Lee's Trend Expert and Myself at the Lee Find Your Fit Party in Seattle

Rachelle, Lee’s Trend Expert and Myself at the Lee Find Your Fit Party in Seattle and my Lee Comfort Fit Milan Straight Leg Jean

Last week I got a chance to co-host a Lee® Find Your Fit Style Party here in Seattle and I mentioned that I’d finally found a pair of jeans that I love, so I thought today I’d unveil them! First let me tell you that the fabulous Rachelle, Lee’s® Trend Expert, brought 6-8 pairs for me to try which I think is amazing. I was encouraged, but held on to my belief that you can be fat or tall, but not fat and tall.

Rachelle asked me about my fit needs. She wanted to know what I love about my current jeans as well as what I hate, what I expect from my jeans, and the weight of denim that I prefer. Armed with that info, she went through a stack of jeans in my size and handed me three pairs of jeans she thought would be perfect for me.

I headed up to the dressing room to try them on. The first pair was much too tight for me. I know that super-stretchy jeans that fit like leggings are in style right now, but when you’re as overweight as I am, the LAST thing you need is something hugging your belly area. It’s not flattering in the least.

Lee® Jeans Perfect Fit Guide

Lee® Jeans Perfect Fit Guide

I tossed the first pair aside and doubt started creeping in as I tried on pair two. Sadly, they were as tight as the first and much too short – but not short enough to be Capri length – just wrong. I knew I’d never wear them in public, ever.

I almost tossed it in and gave up right there. I was ready to admit defeat and slink back downstairs, but something told me to go ahead and try on the third pair; and as if angels were singing in heaven, the pair fit perfectly. Better yet, they felt fabulous! They skimmed my curves and didn’t cling to them. They have a tiny bit of stretch, just enough to make them comfortable, but not enough to accentuate my plumpness. The waistband has elastic on the inside that makes them so comfy, but they’re free from the telltale old lady gathering on the side. The waistband is completely hidden!

I walked downstairs in my new jeans and congratulated the Lee® Style Expert for truly fitting everyone at the party from size 2 to 24 and ages 16 to 51. Every single woman at the event left with a pair they loved, that were stylish, and made them feel great. I’d say that’s a successful party! (See the pics from the party: Read Lee FIND YOUR FIT Style Party – Trendy Fall 2012 Jean Collection).

My perfect fit?  Lee Comfort Fit Milan Straight Leg Jean in medium (they’re long enough for this 5’10” girl!). Many of the other ladies went for the new Fall 2012 line which includes jeggings and the new Lee® Perfect Fit Jeans with Shapetastic jeans. They’re body hugging lift and shape jeans that many of the ladies loved. I know I’m not the norm for sure, but that’s what I loved about the Lee® Jeans, there were stylish and fashionable pairs for everyone!