My son installing our D-Link Movie Night Plus

My son installing our D-Link MovieNight Plus (DSM-312)

We’ve got several Smart TV’s in our home with the exception of our TV on the main floor. It’s the room that we spend the least amount of time in, but the room we generally choose if we want to watch a movie as a family. We have HD Digital Cable and On Demand, but until now we couldn’t access our online streaming accounts. With the addition of D-Link MovieNight Plus (DSM-312) we’ve added the ability to stream which gives us more entertainment to choose from.

The D-Link MovieNite Plus Streaming Media Player allows up to watch shows and movies in full 1080p HD quality from any of the current channels. Unfortunately, my favorite provider, Hulu Plus, is not currently available and that’s a deal breaker for me. D-Link has stated that it is coming “soon,” but without it, it falls short for me.

For those who don’t mind not having Hulu Plus, there are plenty of other reasons to check out the D-Link MovieNite Plus. First because it’s incredibly easy to install. I’ve had the unit for about a month and a half but have resisted installing it after a nightmare and failed installation of a second Roku in our home. I needn’t have worried, the D-Link MovieNite Plus installation took 3 minutes and worked right out of the box.

D-Link MovieNite Plus

D-Link MovieNite Plus

With D-Link MovieNite Plus you can view the latest content from Netflix, VUDU, Pandora, YouTube, and more. There are paid and free options and you can easily switch between the services. The remote is responsive and the interface user-friendly.

The beauty of our new D-Link MovieNite Plus is that I can view our D-Link network cameras (read: Tech Review: D-Link Day and Night Network Camera DCS-932L) via the mydlink app so I can check the camera while I’m watching the TV. For those with young children, the camera can be put in their room and you can feel a little safer enjoying your movie while you watch your child sleep.

With the inclusion of Hulu Plus, the D-Link MovieNite Plus will be perfect for us. Until then, I’ll have to get my Hulu Plus fix on my Smart TV.