Our Grillmaster - his specialty is overdone steak!

Our Grillmaster – his specialty is overdone steak!

Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner,” an philosophy that my husband has taken to heart. So much so that his idea of dinner is a steak as big as his plate with an enormous green salad on the side – every night. I try to remind him that it’s not good for him to eat so much meat, but he’s fit and has fine cholesterol, so I don’t bug him about it too much.

Still, it can get boring just grilling steaks – something he does here year round – so I’m thrilled that the Beefitswhatsfordinner.com website has an entire section of recipes so I’ll be able to change it up a bit now and then. In fact, I’ll be changing it up this weekend when we celebrate the Labor Day Weekend with a “Summer Grilliance” party. We’ll be saying good-bye to the long days of summer so today I’m prepping some of the dishes we’ll be sharing with family and friends tomorrow.

Beefitswhatsfordinner.com Beef Resources

Beef It's What's For Dinner Grilling Infographic

Beef It’s What’s For Dinner Grilling Infographic – click to open the PDF file

The Beefitswhatsfordinner.comwebsite has a fabulous amount of information for both old and new cooks. You can find out how to prepare your meat for cooking and get tips on what the best marinades and rubs are to bring out the flavor of your beef. There are cooking lessons including how to grill, stir-fry, skillet cook, oven broil, and roast your beef to perfection. There’s also some important information on how to stay safe in the kitchen – proper cleaning, storage, and cooking temps –  so you’ll avoid common mistakes that can lead to illness.

The Beefitswhatsfordinner.com website has a ton of fabulous recipes for every occasion, holiday, and even dinner for tonight. Recipes for breakfast, entertaining, appetizers, quick meals, potlucks, tailgating, and more. Also included are a selection of recipes from The Healthy Beef Cookbook (retail $13.50) which includes directions, ingredients, calorie counts and more all online. Or you can pick up the book for even more recipes. You can also pick up some fun beef merchandise like the Lean Beef Grilling Apron Steve is wearing for just $4.00!

Some of the recipes I’ve bookmarked to make soon include: Dijon Wine Steak Kabobs with Mushroom Wild Rice, Sirloin with Sugar Snap Pea and Pasta Salad with Gremolata Dressing, and Szechuan Beef Stir-Fry. They use some cuts I’m not familiar with, but luckily there’s help for selecting the right beef for every recipes on the site as well. Many times cuts of beef are named differently depending on your region.

So what is the hubby grilling up after looking at all of these fabulous recipes? You guessed it – STEAK! Ya just can’t teach an old dog a new trick. We’ll be marinating it overnight in a commercial salt-free marinade (his blood pressure is a little high) and we’ll add some beef franks and chicken for those that aren’t into steak and a veggie burger for me the token vegetarian.

Preparing for a Labor Day weekend BBQ Party

Preparing for our Labor Day Weekend “Summer Grilliance” party

I’m also making  oven roasted veggies with Balsamic vinegar – but I’m using baby red potatoes, carrots, garlic, and broccoli with a little olive oil, plus salt and pepper. I’ll cook them about halfway tonight and then finish them in the oven tomorrow to crisp them up before serving. I’ll also be making  Artichoke Feta Salad with Creamy Green Goddess Dressing and fresh fruit for dessert. And hubby’s job for today? Clean that dirty grill!

Are you grilling this holiday weekend? What’s for dinner at your house?


I wrote this review while participating in an In Home Party campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and received product samples to facilitate my party and review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating. All opinions are always mine.