Lee Jeans Find Your Fit Style Party - Seattle, WA 8/27/12

Lee Jeans Find Your Fit Style Party – Seattle, WA 8/27/12   – Photo Credit: MomStart.com

On Monday you may have seen me tweeting and sending updates to Facebook during a Lee® Style Party. I was honored to be a co-host of their Seattle event, one of only two they’ve held this year. The party was held at the beautiful home of my fabulous blogging friend, Louise, from MomStart.com. Louise invited several other bloggers from the area, as well as friends, to the event where we got a chance to check out the new fall 2012 line of jeans from Lee.

Lee® sent their stunningly beautiful and knowledgeable trend stylist Rachelle who sported some amazing leopard stilettos with her skinny jeans and Katy, equally stunning young lady wearing the cutest ballet flats. They women were here to help us out of our mommy jean rut, but not push us completely out of our comfort zones.

The party started with Rachelle going over body types and then sharing a bit about common frustrations with finding the right fit. Then she met with each of us one-on-one to find out our specific needs. Armed with styles and sizes provided by Rachelle, each lady retreated to a dressing area to try on the new jeans. Most came out to ooohs and aaahs and there were plenty of happy faces!

Rachelle stated that this years’ hot trend is gold! Buy a gold handbag, accessory, and apparel to be on trend for the fall season!

The party provided an eclectic mix of women. We ranged in sizes from 2 to 24 and represented ages 16 to 51. Rachelle, Lee’s Trend Expert, was able to satisfy every one of us. We each left the party with a pair of stylish new Lee jeans that made us feel spectacular. Some chose the ultra-stretchy and form fitting jeggings, others the lift and shape jeans that provided support and put back some of the curves Mother Nature had relocated, and still others left with jeans that just skimmed their curves.

Lee Jeans Find Your Fit Style Party - Seattle, WA 8/27/12

Lee Jeans Find Your Fit Style Party – Seattle, WA 8/27/12 (my apologies for the less-than-stellar pictures – someone left her camera at home on the counter 🙂

The styles varied as much as the ladies in attendance and I think that’s what impressed me most about the new fall line of Lee® Jeans. There truly was something for everyone and most ladies found more than one pair that they loved and felt great in.

Special thanks to Lee® Jeans for sponsoring the event, Rachelle for her styling expertise, Katy for her organization and support, and Louise for hosting and the fabulous cookies, muffins, and snacks.

I’ll be posting about the jeans I brought home and hosting a contest for your own pair of Lee!  Plus, Lee‘s sells more than women’s jeans – the giveaway will be for any  one item on Lee.com so watch for the giveaway to go live in the next few days!