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My sister Katie is a 4th/5th grade elementary school teacher. As her big sister, I am always looking for cool and interesting things to gift her for her classroom.  Tiny Prints, an online printing company, offers some really fun and creative back to school items that I know would be perfect for her or any parent sending their child off to school.

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For Kids

Tiny Prints offers a lot of really neat school-related products and I wanted to point out a few of my favorites.  One of the best things about my elementary school experience was the lunches my mom would pack for my sister and me.  At lunchtime we would unpack our lunch bag and find a handwritten note of encouragement from mom written on our napkin.  It wasn’t much to everyone else, but to me that was a special memory and with Tiny Prints’ lunch box notes you can create your own special memories for your child.  Tiny Prints offers very cute lunch box notes that come pre printed with your child’s name and plenty of room for your special message.

They also make adorable personalized notebooks and fabulous custom stickers and labels so your child can really show off his/her personal style or you can use them to create special rewards or incentives for behavior or schoolwork.

For Teacher

Another favorite item that I will be buying for my sister are their Teacher Notes. Tiny Prints offers teacher stationery that my sister can use to send special notes to her students or their parents – what fabulously convenient and cool way to personalize her student’s school experience.

Tiny Prints Back-to-School Products

Tiny Prints Back-to-School Products

For Parents

Another handy option from Tiny Prints is their Parent Networking cards.  These handy mom contact cards (or dad!) can be passed out to your child’s teacher or your child’s friend’s parents.  These allow for quick and easy contact and they leave a great impression. There’s also allergy alert cards which give you the chance to let others know about your child’s special dietary needs.

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