La shows off her Lean Cuisine Asian entree #cbias

La shows off her Lean Cuisine Asian entree

It’s been a really weird couple of weeks here. First the oven caught on fire so we’ve been using alternative methods to cook. Then the hubby got called to a wildfire in Eastern WA and so far he’s been gone 12 days with no return date and my son and I’ve had to take on all of his house chores – the man works hard! Plus on Monday our household grows by one when our oldest son moves home, so we’ve been moving rooms around to accommodate him. To say that our schedules have been affected is an understatement and none more so than our mealtimes.

With our youngest son and his girlfriend working two completely different shifts, and the hubby not here, mealtime has become a “get-it-yourself” kind of affair. We’re eating more processed and prepared foods because of it as well as the lack of an oven. Add to that my self-imposed dietary restrictions (organic and vegetarian) and it’s chaos around here right now.

Ready to shop - first, find my Sam's Club Card #cbias

Ready to shop – first, find my Sam’s Club Card

To help the my son and his girlfriend out, I shopped at Sam’s Club today to pick up a few meals that they can choose when they’re in a hurry or until the new stove arrives (we’ve been told Tuesday, but it’s been rescheduled a few times already). I love shopping at Sam’s Club because of the cleanliness of the store. I love the wide aisles and great lighting. Sure, many times I have to forgo purchasing a product because the size is just too large for our family, but the products I do purchase I feel good about.

I love that the store greeter sets the tone for the store – the young woman was friendly and helpful and smiled throughout our interaction. We chatted about the weather while I used some hand sanitizer on the cart – I love starting out my shopping that way!

My first stop was the photo department. I’m still trying to find a way to scan 20-years’ worth of photos quickly. I couldn’t figure out the pricing or the scanned resolution so I decided to look it up online when I got home. Then I stopped at the optical department. I’d planned on ordering a back-up pair of glasses online and needed my prescription; but when I called my doctor’s office earlier this week they informed me that it was expired. I was positive my doctor’s office was wrong; unfortunately, they weren’t. The very nice woman in the optical department looked up my purchase and it was indeed 2 years ago in March. Yikes! Time marches much too quickly!

Then I checked out the electronics department, specifically the Blu-ray players because I plan on buying one soon and then the iPad accessories. I just got an iPad 3 and am looking for the perfect case – I didn’t find it there but I’m not sure what the perfect case is yet.

Next I shopped the center of the store where I was aghast to find Halloween items already available for sale…..nooooooooooooooo! I did linger when I went past the deck furniture and nearly placed a beautiful molded lounge chair in my basket. However, I reminded myself that summer is nearly over and I was there for food, not more things to store in the garage – the hubby would NOT be happy to come home to that!

The dark brown lounge chair was really, really tempting! #cbias

The dark brown lounge chair was really, really tempting!

Lean Cuisine Asian Entrees

After checking out the housewares and home goods I headed to the fresh fruit and vegetable aisles. They have a great selection of non-organic veggies and fruit and thankfully I was able to find an organic spring mix of salad for an amazing price so I scooped that up. Then I headed to the frozen aisle and checked out the Asian foods section picking up a 6-pack of Lean Cuisine meals for my son and his girlfriend (there are three varieties but all include meat – I’d have loved it if one had been vegetarian with tofu!). I did find one vegetarian Asian entry from another manufacture that I picked up for myself. I also picked up a DIGORNO pizza pack for the kids with the expectation that we’ll have an oven soon to cook it in.

The beginning of dinner! #cbias

The beginning of dinner!

I took some pictures of some of the other frozen foods that caught my attention. With Sam’s Club you can’t be sure the product will be available in the future, but I noted some amazing appetizers and mini desserts that I’ll keep in mind for my next party. I don’t mind getting a little help now and then!

I was taking photos as I shopped (you can see all my shopping photos here) and as I was taking my last photo (at checkout) I was approached by a store employee (I believe she was a manager but I was so surprised I didn’t catch her name). Thankfully after explaining that I was taking photos to share my shopping trip with you and handing her my business card, she thanked me for letting her know and walked away. I appreciated her professionalism in handling the situation. In fact, every store employee I encountered, including the sample folks (which are likely contracted – my mom’s done that at other stores a time or two), everyone was friendly, helpful, and professional.

Checking out #cbias

Checking out

My card happened to expire today, talk about a coincidence, that my bill was $40 more for the membership. I ended my shopping trip by being stopped at the door by an extremely friendly older woman who checked off my receipt and as she handed it back she smiled brightly and wished me a great evening. It made my night.

I drove home and put away the groceries. An hour or so later La came home so we had an impromptu dinner in the kitchen before our favorite reality game show came on TV. La had the Lean Cuisine with the salad greens, cheese, and poppy seed dressing with a few fortune cookies for dessert. She enjoyed her dinner and told me that I’d actually picked up her favorite Lean Cuisine frozen meals (she especially loves the sesame chicken which is the one she chose for dinner tonight) and ones she’s had many times – score one for the future mother-in-law!

La is loving her sesame chicken! #cbias

La is loving her sesame chicken!

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Quick and easy and time for our show! #cbias

Quick and easy and time for our show!

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