Quirky and fun gadgets for the kitchen - kid-friendly, too!

Quirky and fun gadgets for the kitchen – kid-friendly, too!

Jo!e Shop is an online store that carries the most adorable and fun kitchen gadgets. From silly to practical and everything in between, Jo!e Shop has almost anything you could need in the kitchen to cook it, clean it, store it, and more. Many of the kitchen gadgets can be used by children to introduce them to preparing food, which lends itself to lessons on nutrition and more. Learning in the kitchen can be fun and entertaining for kids and a great way to talk about weights, volumes, counting, and more.

Fun and Innovative Kitchen Gadgets

Fun and whimsical kitchen gadgets at Jo!e Shop

Fun and whimsical kitchen gadgets at Jo!e Shop

But you don’t need children to enjoy the fun and innovative kitchen gadgets sold by Jo!e Shop. Their products make everyday mundane tasks like making dinner more entertaining. Shopping the site is easy and gadgets are displayed in big, clear photos. Suggested uses are included and they’ve gone to great lengths to give you several ideas on how to use the product so that you can use your new gear to its fullest.

Some of their items are pure fun – like the cow-shaped ice cream bowl with matching spoon and cow-shaped ice cream scoop. We also love the tomato keeper that’s shaped like a tomato (better for the environment, it’s waste-free!), and what child wouldn’t love to help with dinner by scrubbing the veggies with the carrot-shaped vegetable scrubber. For slightly older kids there’s a Spud Dude Peeler!

There are so many great items on the site for everyday, special occasions, holidays and gifts as well! We love the innovative products at Jo!e Shop.

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Fun kids' kitchen tools from Jo!e Shop

Fun kids’ kitchen tools from Jo!e Shop