My outmywindow account via the web interface

Social sharing is obviously a popular way to spend time online; but more and more we need to recognize the dangers oversharing online can present. None more so than our younger generations – the tweens and teens – innocently posting pictures online. But they may be sharing more than you as a parent intend them to. With unsecured photos, anyone can download, share, print, and use a photo in any way they choose – it’s a bit frightening to imagine.
Luckily there’s a safer way for tweens, teens, and even their parents to share and store photos and that’s with outmywindowTM. This new app is free and can be downloaded at iTunes to your app-enabled device. Once installed, you and your family will have access to a secure photo storage location with up to 5GB of data storage space – that’s a huge amount of free online photo storage!
outmywindowTM  is backed by Warner Bros. Entertainment and only available in the US. It’s a simple system – set up a free account then upload your photos into albums. You can upload files from your computer, device or from Facebook.

It's easy to give access to your folders via Facebook or email

It’s easy to give access to your folders via Facebook or email

If you want to share your photos, you simply designate exactly who you’d like to invite to have access to your albums through a simple interface that requires an email address or give permission to a Facebook friend. That’s it! Pure, simple, and mistake-proof for even the youngest users. Now your pictures are secure but available from any web-enabled device that can run the app and that has permissions to visit the files.

The app is available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Web, and Google TV. It’s also the official photo sharing service for KIDSAVE and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times.

7Out My Window by Warner Bros - free online photo storage

outmywindowTM by Warner Bros – free online photo storage

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘outmywindow™.