My new large Lilla Rose Flexi Clip - beads and sparkles - love it!

My new large Lilla Rose Flexi Clip – beads and sparkles – love it!

I have really thick hair. So thick that my hair stylist layers and thins it and it’s still incredibly abundant. Because of this, I can’t buy hair clips off the shelf; they’re just not big enough. My hair is medium length and I do love to pull it up when I’m at home. Sure, I could use an elastic band, but they leave marks in my hair and limit my styling options to just a ponytail. But I discovered the Lilla Rose hair accessories a few years ago so elastic bands are a thing of the past.

I’ve purchased several Lilla Rose clips – the first a small to use when I just want to pull a bit of the sides back into a half pony. A medium when I want to wear my wear in a single low pony and I recently received a large for when I want to twist my hair into a French bun (see a video of this method below). I’d show you my new clip in my hair but the day after I got it I went to the salon and got my hair cut off. I do this every year or so – I decide I’m too old for long hair and cut it. But I always grow it back so I’m sure the clip will be used in the future.

The workmanship on the Lilla Rose Hair Clips in Phenomenal

The workmanship on the Lilla Rose Hair Clips in Phenomenal

The Flexi clip is by far my favorite hair accessory but Lilla Rose does carry headbands, clips, bobbies, and more. But I love the Flexi because it has the look of my favorite 1970’s bamboo hair clip only they’ve been updated to a modern clip crafted from metal and decorated with beading and sparkles and the clip is attached! It’s a stroke of genius on their part! The clips come in 6 sizes from mini (2”) to extra-large (5-1/4”) and in plain to very elaborate styles – I tend to choose those with beading and sparkles.

I love that there are Flexi styling and sizing videos available for the Flexi clips so you’ll be sure to get the right size and get some great ideas for new looks. You can also check out the Lilla Rose videos on Youtube for more styles – the videos are less than a minute long and show so many fabulous styles you can recreate easily.

French Bun with the Lilla Rose Flexi Clip

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