Swink Style Bar is the first blow dry and style bar in Seattle. They’re a place for affordable but luxurious blow outs, hair styling, lash extensions, feathers, and more at both of their Seattle locations. I recently visited the University Village store and was treated to an ear piercing. At just $30 ($40 for 14k gold studs), the service comes complete with cleaning solution and after-care instructions, and is performed by talented and caring staff who make the experience fun and memorable.

I arrived early so I could check out the store and I was impressed with the level of friendliness provided by the staff. I watched in awe as one stylist curled a lovely blonde’s hair in perfect spiral ringlets – first flat ironing the hair to make it smooth, then spraying it, and finally curling it expertly around a tiny curling iron. I was impressed by the fabulous curls that framed the woman’s face beautifully and which complimented the pale purple cocktail dress she was wearing. She left the shop looking amazing.

Swink Style Bar Experience - University Village, Seattle, WA

Swink Style Bar Experience – University Village, Seattle, WA

Ear Piercing at Swink Style Bar

My own experience at Swink was equally pleasant. I was greeted by two stunningly beautiful and confident young women who took me back to the treatment room. It’s a small room with the traditional spa accouterments and I was seated opposite a mirror so I could see what they were doing. They explained the process to me and we discussed my previous piercing at age 18 that I’d let close about 10 years ago. We discussed changing the location of one of my piercings since all those many years ago I had jumped when the second ear was pierced so it wasn’t centered correctly.

The ladies confidently spoke about the process, the after care, and what to watch for in the unlikely event I suffered from infection as they went about preparing me for the process. First they both washed their hands and had me do the same. Then they marked where the new holes would go and asked me to approve the placement. They loaded the piercing guns with the earrings I’d chosen (14K to reduce the risk of infection) and they counted to three and both pierced an ear at the same time.

My Swink Style Bar Ear Piercing Experience

My Swink Style Bar Ear Piercing Experience

Did it hurt? No more than any other piercing, although the ear with the scar tissue hurt a bit more. By that evening I had no pain whatsoever and I’m so thrilled that I’ve finally gotten around to getting my ears re-piereced as I’ve missed wearing earrings!

Swink does much more than ear piercing. They’re a beauty bar that provides shampoos, blowouts, drystyles, lash extensions, facial waxing, and more. They do make-up applications and they’re a go-to place for proms, senior pictures, weddings, and more. Their affordable prices range from $35 for a blowout with shampoo and condition to $50 for the same service plus a drystyle.

I’d love for them to add leg waxing – I’d be a regular if they did. It’d be worth the drive to Seattle for this Eastside girl. I love University Village – it’s a great shopping center with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Swink Discounts and Deals

  • Blowouts are just $25 on Tuesday.
  • Package Plans – Buy a package to use ANY DAY of the week and save even more!* 3 pack of blowouts: $100; 6 pack of blowouts: $190; 12 pack of blowouts: $360*packages are non-transferable but never expire

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My favorite feature is being able to book an appointment online! You can also purchase packages and gift certificates (hint! hint!).

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