Home computer and dot  matrix printer 1990

Home computer and dot matrix printer 1990

I spent the weekend pulling out all our photo albums looking for photos of the kids and I cooking together. While that was a bust, I did find some photos that made me giggle. First because we took these photos for our home owner’s insurance – they’re the photos of all of our “expensive” electronics –  and second becuase there are so few as compared to today’s homes, it explains why our house is full of power cords now. Let’s just call this a look back at vintage technology.

Vintage Technology

Above is beloved home computer, purchase for several thousand dollars, and the first of its kind in our neighborhood.  The huge hard drive sitting next to it with its gaping hole for the floppy disks that it required. Above it the state-of-the-art dot matrix printer (check out our newest printer – read: Tech Review: Epson Artisan 1430 Wide-format Color Printer – Brilliant).  Yes, she was a beauty and she served us well.  My iPod Touch and Springboard each have several hundred times more computing power in the palm of my hand. Ah, those were the days. Plus everything back then was hardwired – no WiFi. Can you imagine?!? And loading Windows on the computer took DAYS not minutes.

Below are our priceless electronics in our bedroom. I might mention that that wallpaper and paint color just disappeared this year in our master bedroom makeover. Yes, it was a long time for the country blue floral look, I know. We owned 3 TVs back then with the smallest being this black and white Magnovox which also had an AM/FM radio in it. Top of the line back then. And our VHS player, we actually had two, with its remote. But our TV, wow. I think it was a 12″ and color – we were always ahead of the curve in electronics.

TV's and VHS Player - 1990

TV’s and VHS Player – 1990

And here is our movie collection. Just a few VHS tapes. Our enormous video recorder (it weighed 7 lbs if I remember right and it sat on your shoulder) and even bigger VHS player. The console TV, a hand-me-down from my parents – was the closest thing to a big screen TV back then. The stickers on the TV placed by a little 2-year old who’s about to turn 27.

1990's video camera, VHS recorder, and console TV

1990’s video camera, VHS recorder, and console TV

We led a much more active lifestyle back then. Now it’s filled with electronics that we carry everywhere and never put down. I’m not so sure the old way wasn’t better.