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This is the first year I don’t have anyone headed off to school. My youngest child graduated from college last December so back-to-school is a thing of the past for us after 18 years. It’s a shame, I’ve always loved this time of year – a chance for a new beginning and renewal.

But for many people it’s time to head off to college and NIVEA FOR MEN has got you covered! They have some great new products that will keep your skin and hair looking fresh and clean which will help get your ready to tackle the campus!

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We got a chance to check out their Revitalizing Fall Grooming package which includes some great NEW products:

  • NIVEA for Men Energy 3-in-1 Body Wash – Perfect for the college dorm – wash your body, hair and face with one easy-to-use product. The blue gel includes mint extracts which tingle just a bit when you lather up from head to toe!
  • NIVEA For Men Energy Face Scrub – Deep clean and unclog those pores while you wash away the dirt and grime of the day. You’ll be rewarded with smoother, healthier looking skin!
  • NIVEA for Men Energy Lotion – Yes, men moisturize!  This one is enriched Coenzyme Q10 to help you maintain your skin’s vitality and elasticity (ie., you’ll look young longer!).  Plus it’s a light, non-greasy gel that absorbs quickly and it has a SPF 15!

Win a NIVEA FOR MEN Revitalizing Fall Grooming Package & $50 Visa Gift Card!

NIVEA FOR MEN would like to send one of our lucky readers a “Revitalizing Fall Grooming” package that includes the products above to help you wash off that summer grit and re-energize for the fall. Plus they’ll include a $50 Visa gift card to help you out with your fall wardrobe, a new haircut, or some back-to-school supplies.

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