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Pregnancy can be an exciting and overwhelming period of time for even the most seasoned parent.  In my opinion, the most overwhelming aspect of the entire process is the amount of information out there.  Everyone has an idea of what is right, and everyone feels free to share their advice regardless if you are interested in it or not. So where can you turn for the best and most comprehensive information regarding pregnancy and trying to get pregnant? “The Mother of All Pregnancy Books” by Ann Douglas is a great place to start (there’s also a Canadian specific version book: The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything In Between).

The Mother of All Pregnancy Books is filled with so much information but what I love about it is the ease in how it’s delivered.  This book covers a large portion of pre-pregnancy with information to those who are struggling while trying to conceive.   With information covering all portions of your pregnancy, this is truly the mother of all pregnancy books!  I was especially impressed with the section on eating healthy for two and the details about what happens during your prenatal visits.

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It’s so helpful to have a resource that you can trust that lets you make the decisions instead of having your friends or family members tell you what you should or could be doing.  This book does a great job covering all sections, but the information I find fascinating is the information about labor and delivery.  There is information detailing what to expect so you can be prepared and informed about picking the best labor options for your environment.  With so much focus being on home deliveries it’s nice to hear information covering all the different options on how to deliver your baby.

Another neat thing about this book is the details about what is happening to your body each week.  I believe this helps mothers realize that they really are pregnant before anyone else knows or can tell.  I’m so thankful that I was able to review this book and I will be sure to hang on to it for future use.

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