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A NEW all-in-one photo storage and camera app from Warner Brothers – outmywindow™ 

I’m the one behind the camera on vacations; I busily snap away photos that I will later store on my computer in hopes of posting them or printing them at another date. The problem I have is remembering where I stored my photos – on my lap top or our PC – and even if I remember where, what did I call the album?  I’ve tried uploading photos to some well-known websites but I’m left without easy access to share them with others and worse, some compress the size making them useless for printing later.  If you feel as blah as I do over the whole thing, you’re in luck!

Warner Brothers Entertainment just launched outmywindowTM, a photo sharing application unlike any I’ve used before.  I was a little nervous at first but after reviewing Warner Brother’s press release I felt like I had a good enough understanding of how it worked; so I decided to check out the website and I am beyond excited that I did!  I signed in through my Facebook account and I was amazed to my account waiting for me to upload my photos.  I decided I would upload all of my Facebook photos as a start since I have easy access to them and sure enough all of my albums were uploaded within a minute – the entire process was so easy!

NEW Out My Window All-in-one Camera App & Photo Storage

NEW Out My Window All-in-one Camera App & Photo Storage

What distinguishes from outmywindow.com from other online photo sharing programs?

outmywindowTM  uses simple privacy settings which allow the user to designate who can see which photos plus they provide unaltered photo resolution on my photos.  The resolution is just as good or in some of my photos as bad as when I took the picture!  I snapped some photos of how it looks on my smart phone as well as my laptop so you can see the beautiful layout.  I love the mosaic look on my PC!

WB Out My Window free photo app and online storage

WB outmywindow.com free photo app and online storage

outmywindowTM is the next big thing in photo sharing and I’m so glad I gave it a try!  It’s free to use and it offers 5 Gigabits of space for storage.  The app is easy to access on compatible devices including your PC, Smartphone, Tablet, Internet Connected TV’s, and your Digital Photo Frame.  It’s so simple and I recommend it to everyone.  Check it out and tell me what you think!

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I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘outmywindow™