My personal serenade by US Cellular!

My personal serenade by US Cellular!

I’ve complained about my cellphone provider many times over the years. In fact, twice I’ve complained on (where I’m in the top 100 most popular authors) about the terrible service we’ve recieved (in 2004 and 2007 – read: Every letter or conversation with them reduces me to tears…ABUSIVE COMPANY) and written scathing letters to the company through Planet Feedback. Those are far from the only times I’ve been angry with them.

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So if I’m so unhappy with then why are they still our cellphone provider? Price and I’m an eternal optimist – I keep thinking things will get better. I hate to admit it but we put up with their crappy service because they’re cheap. Because of our longevity they give us 5 phones (2 with data plans) and unlimited family texting for $160 a month. We have 600 minutes (I think) between us and we rarely come close to that. Still, I hate paying $160 for phones – it kills me to pay that every month and I’m always looking for an alternative. Our 2-year contract is up in December and like I do every two years, I’ll be hoping to find someone who can compare in price so we can finally be rid of them.

Why bring all this up? Because US Cellular wrote a song to me about my complaints about my cell service and it’s kinda cute.

Piggy Bank – an ode to @princesstimetoy by US Cellular

(aka my business Twitter Account – Princess Time Toys)

And I’m not the only one. US Cellular has done a who group of songs for unhappy cell customers – check them out on YouTube. They’re cute.

Wish me luck in December. If you hear screaming coming from the westcoast it’s just me trying to figure out what to do about our cell contract. Grrrr… blood is boiling just thinking about it.

Photo Credit: Screen grab from video – US Cellular