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I’m a fan of real food and that means even my junkfood needs to be real. I’ve been purchasing organic candies online and I’ve found a great selection, but my in store selection is decidedly smaller. Thankfully, that’s about to change!

UNREAL™  is a new line of candies and treats that are best enjoyed because of what’s NOT in them! There’s no artificial flavors or colors, preservatives or hormones; no GMO’s (genetically modified organisms); no hydrogenated oils; and no corn syrup. In fact, their name is an homage to their goal – to “unjunk” our treats and replace all those lousy ingredients with real cane sugar, real milk, more peanuts, and twice the cacao.

UNREAL Chocolate Covered Peanuts and Nougat Candy Bar Snickers Alternative

UNREAL Chocolate Covered Peanuts and Nougat Candy Bar

Are they healthy? Depends on your definition. As with ANY food eating more calories than you expend will make you gain weight and yes, these have calories; but they’re gloriously natural calories so at least your body isn’t working overtime to digest all the nasty chemicals found in regular sweet snacks. If  you’re going to have a treat why not choose the one that’s made from real ingredients – one’s you can actually identify and pronounce!?! They way you’d make them at home if you had time to make them from scratch.

The colors aren't as bright as the alternative because they're NATURAL!

The colors aren’t as bright as the alternative because they’re NATURAL!

But the best part of UNREAL™ products is that they want to make them accessible and affordable and they’re working to get them in our hands for the same prices as those highly advertised junk alternatives – I love that! To think that maybe one day I won’t have to shop online for treats unless I want to is thrilling.

Oh, and did I mention they taste great? Sure, if you’re used to the super-sweet and fat-laden alternatives that have artificial flavors to boost them beyond what a natural ingredient can produce on its own, you may notice they’re not as sweet. But I guarantee if you switch for 2 weeks your first chemical-laden bar will finally be the one that tastes unnatural and you’ll be on your way to eating food your body will love you for!

UNREAL™ has recreated many of your favorite candies in their new unjunked versions so you’ll likely find one or more to enjoy! My favorites are the chocolate covered peanuts with the candy coating and the peanut butter cups.

My apologies for the poor photos – the candies disappeared VERY quickly and I barely got a shot of them!

Here’s Why I Love UNREAL Candy

Calorie comparison between M&M Peanut Candies and UNREAL Candy

Calorie comparison between M&M Peanut Candies and UNREAL Candy

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Win Your Own UNREAL™ Gift Box!

UNREAL Candy Gift Box

UNREAL Candy Gift Box

It’s your chance to experience REAL food, less junk, and tasty candy! One lucky winner will win a box like the one above.

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