My Tail Towns Friend Estate

My Tail Towns Friend Estate

Tired of Farmville?  Try the next big thing in casual social gaming, Tail Towns Friends, a social online game through Facebook. With a similar foundation to Farmville, Tail Towns Friends enhances the experience by adding unique and fun story lines to the game by giving players goals to achieve. I much prefer playing games when I have an attachment to and this game surely has that.

Tail Towns Friends Review and Details

Tail Towns Friends LogoTail Towns Friends is a Facebook game that includes photo realistic images of the characters with story lines that are riveting and full of drama which keeps me involved with what is going on in Tail Town. When starting out, players (a country mouse) arrive in Tail Town to make it big in the city.  We are introduced to Iris and given a parcel of land to start growing fruit.  The town is being controlled by the horrible Rete’s.  They control all the food supplies in town and all the local business are shutting down.  It’s the player’s job to help save the town by building the biggest and best country estate to supply the town and end the tyrant’s control.

I mentioned it earlier but I really like the story lines of this game.  It’s full of drama, forbidden love, and borderline an online soap opera.  The best part of it, the more you play the more interesting the story lines become – I’m getting into some juicy story lines right now!

Another cool thing about this game is the collectables you can receive, I’m not talking about online intangibles, I’m talking about beautiful hand painted figurines that you can own.  If you get a figurine and register it to your game you receive hidden storylines and gain a much greater insight on that character.  These figurines are collectable and worth trying to get.  In addition to super-secret story lines registering a figuring will provide you with special décor and daily rewards for your country estate.

Here are some fun quotes from some of the characters in Tail Towns Friends.

  • Grace: “To advance, one must stay focused. I’ve been divorced four times, and I don’t remember my children’s birthdays. But all my financial assets are in perfect order!”
  • Rene: “But then things got… complicated.  Like a Rubik’s Cube wrapped in a Sudoku covered in Duct Tape.”
  • Lexie: “People think I’m like, really dumb, but I’m like… the smartest person I know!”

I highly encourage you check out this game because it’s so unique yet familiar enough to get around.

Interested in getting a collectable figuring?  One Miscfinds4u reader will wind a Tail Towns Friends figurine from the first series! Enter now and look for me on Tail Towns Friends; I would love to have more neighbors!

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Win a Tail Towns Friends Figurine!

Tale Towns Friends Figurine

Tale Towns Friends Figurine

One winner will receive a Tail Towns figurine from the first series! To enter, you must have a Twitter account and tweet the following:

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