eBags Brand Crew Cooler II - $31.99 at eBags.com

eBags Brand Crew Cooler II – $31.99 at eBags.com

With summer hitting the midway point, travel remains one of the top topics on everyone’s mind.  Whether you already have reservations for your trip to the Bahamas, or you’re scraping together a camping trip with your family, you have to be prepared for anything.  When I travel I love using my eBags Brand Crew Cooler II.  It’s the perfect travel accessory for anyone who is planning a getaway.

So what is the eBags Brand Crew Cooler II? It’s a highly sophisticated personal cooler that is built for air travel.  The Crew Cooler is designed to fit on top of your rolling luggage bag with an easy-to-use slip cover and it comes with plenty of room for snacks for a family of four.  The Crew Cooler is designed exclusively for airline crew members, but lucky for us non-airline workers can get their hands on this bag too.

The eBags Brand Crew Cooler II also has some awesome storage areas.  There is a dry storage area on top of the bag, two water bottle side pockets, and a small pocket on the front. The pockets are perfect storage areas for utensils and condiments, while the fully insulated interior is great for storing your snacks.

The perfect size for travel, lunch, picnics, and more.

The perfect size for travel, lunch, picnics, and more.

eBags Cooler Bag

I’ve been using my bag for my lunch box at work.  I have a book or my kindle in the top dry pocket and my utensils in the front pocket with my lunch and snacks as well as my water bottle in the inside pocket.  There are handles on the top of the bag and a great shoulder strap for easy carrying as well.

I can comfortably say that this is by far my favorite new accessory not only because it’s versatile but because it’s big.  The eBags Brand Crew Cooler II comes in six colors (I have the Green Envy Bag) and it’s so affordable at $31.99.  It’s a travel accessory you won’t want to miss. Check out the eBags Brand Crew Cooler II and other fabulous travel accessories on their website. Just remember – don’t try to take any liquids over 3 ounces through security at the airport!

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