US Cellular Hello Better Cellphone Service Plans

US Cellular Hello Better Cellphone Service Plans

I have a love/hate relationship with my cellphone provider. I’ve been with them for as long as I can remember and I’ve blogged about my trials and tribulations with their poor customer service and horrible billing practices a few times.  With 5 phones, my bill averages $160 a month and with a locked-in 2-year service commitment, it’s a huge chunk of our monthly bills.

My contract is up in December so as I do every two years, I’m starting to look for better options. I’m looking for more consistent coverage, better rates, improved service, and customer care that really cares. One of the first places I’m looking into is US Cellular’s Hello Better.

Reasons why are reluctant to switch from their current cellphone provider

Reasons why are reluctant to switch from their current cellphone provider

Hello Better has plans for every size family – from single lines to family-size packages. Their free calling time is a full 2 hours earlier than my current plan and they have a Rewards Program as well. The Hello Better Rewards Program is pretty unique. By referring friends, backing up your contacts, or celebrating your birthday, you’ll be rewarded points which you can redeem for phones (in as little as 13 months), accessories, and more.

Plus Hello Better has a wide variety of phones to choose from when you sign up. All the popular brands including HTC, BlackBerry, Motorola, and Sumsung and they’re free! And that’s just the start of their free offers! They have free shipping and free activation on most online orders. They also offer traditional monthly billing or prepaid services for those who want more control over this bill.

U.S. Cellular also  provides customers with contract-free services after the first contract ends, free incoming calls and texts, free Overage Protection, and free Battery Swap for your device!

Why people switch cellphone carriers

Why people switch cellphone carriers – I’ve had the 7-year itch for about 10 years now.

Hello Better is definitely one service I’ll be looking into and comparing against my current provider and they make even that easier. They compare their service and prices against some of their competitors and my current company is one of them. It makes determining what each company offers so much easier. They also provide a coverage map so I can make sure it’s adequate for our needs, plus they offer all the services we’re currently using.

If you’re looking to open a new cell account or like me are ready to end your contract and go with someone new, give Hello Better a look. They just might be the right fit for your needs.

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I'd like my cell company to be in it with me.

I’d like my cell company to be in it with me.

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