I promised to do an update on my at home laser treatment trial. I’ve now completed the full 4 weeks (it took me almost 6 because of travel)  and I wanted to share it with you. (Read my first post: The PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser Review – My 30-Day Trial Experience ).

PaloVia Top Tester BadgeTo remind you, I’ve been using the only FDA-cleared at-home laser system called the PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser. It’s a small hand-held device with a rechargeable battery that’s applied to the wrinkles around your eye once a day for 30 days and then a few times a week after that to maintain your results.  The entire process takes about 5 minutes from start to finish and it’s easy. Start with a clean and dry face, apply the included PaloVia Pre-Treatment Gel to the area you’ll be treating, apply the PaloVia® laser along the line of your wrinkles (up to 25 pulses per use), then use your normal skincare products.

I’m more convinced than ever that I’m getting great results and I’m on the maintenance mode now where I use the laser just 1 to 2 times a week. I may do another full 30-days of treatment to see if I can take off a few more wrinkles.

Here are my unretouched photos:

Before my PaloVia® Skin Renewal Laser treatment began photo:

Before using the Palovia laser but after 30-days of Meaningful Beauty

Before using the Palovia laser but after 30-days of Meaningful Beauty  – my skin was in the best condition possible before starting the treatment.

First PaloVia® laser treatment photo:

First night - laser marks are evident on my skin

First night – laser marks are evident on my skin

Approximately 15-days into treatment photo:

About 2 weeks into the trial

About 2 weeks into the trial

After 30-days of treatment with the PaloVia® Skin Renewing Laser photo:

Photo after 30 days of Palovia Use

Photo after 30 days of PaloVia® laser use

I tried my best to shoot all of the photos at the same time of day and with the same light. While I didn’t get the pose right every time, I think you can see what I see.  I huge improvement in the spidery lines that were running vertically between my bigger horizontal lines. Now when I don’t smile, I’m nearly wrinkle free. Before the smile lines were there even when I wasn’t smiling – that’s progress!

My Hints and Tips on how to use the PaloVia® laser Video

So what do you think? Can you see an improvement?