Alex is just chillin’ with Kool-Aid Man, livin' the pitcher life.

Alex is just chillin’ with Kool-Aid Man, livin’ the pitcher life.

It’s amazing how many fun and free apps are available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. I’ve got a few devices and I’ve just scratched the surface with adding games, magazines, and photo apps and just today I was introduced to the fun new Kraft Photo Booth App. The app is housed on the GoldRun augmented reality platform and it allows you to play with your food!  It’s your chance to take a photo with a giant OREO cookie or Mr. Peanut himself.

The app is a snap to install and use. Just visit the Apple iTunes or Android App Store and search for “GoldRun” Social Networking.  Download and install the app and once you open it, choose the Kraft Foods Photo Booth option or download it from the GoldRun website. That’s it! Now just use your device’s camera to place yourself in the photo!

Easy to download and install the app and within minutes you'll be having fun!

Easy to download and install the app and within minutes you’ll be having fun!

Once you get the hang of the photo app you may want to personalize the pose or make it more fun by changing the size or location of the character.  Resize the character by pinching and expanding or contracting the graphic or move it to a better location by touching and holding the character and moving it to another location.

Now put yourself in the photo! Just strike a pose, click the photo icon button at the bottom of the screen, and you’re inside the Kraft Photo Booth!

Not your best side? Hit the “retake” button. Love it?  Share it with all your friends and family via eMail, Twitter, or Facebook. Just choose your sharing option and authenticate your account. The app will remember your information and allow you to send subsequent photos with one click! Click on settings to opt into automatically saving the photos to your device so you have them available there as well. There’s also a help section and an FAQ should you need it, but seriously it’s the easy app ever.

I’ve been tweeting our pictures with the hashtag #KraftPhotoBooth on Twitter and you can too! I’ll be following the hashtag looking for your fun pics – I can’t wait to see how creative you are!

There are three characters available now – OREO, Mr. Peanut, and the Kool-Aid Pitcher – and more are coming soon! I can’t wait to see who’s next!

Move and resize the characters for the perfect pic!

Move and resize the characters for the perfect pic!

Kraft Photo Booth App Details

  • Platform: GoldRun, LLC
  • Current Characters: OREO, KOOL-AID, and PLANTERS
  • Compatibility: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPad  (2, 3, 3g), iPod Touch (4th generation), and all standard Android devices. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
  • Rated: 4+

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