Rivet & Sway - Order designer eyeglasses online

Rivet & Sway – Order designer prescription eyeglasses online

Rivet & Sway is a new way to shop for designer prescription eyeglasses.  Just visit their website, choose your face shape, and you’ll be shown a group of frames which should look great on you. Even better, the frames include detailed dimensions so whether you’re a large woman or small, you can find frames that will be proportionate to your features.

I’m a plus size woman and I’m 5’10” tall; finding glasses that fit my face has always been difficult. Using the Rivet & Sway recommendations, I chose three frames to try on – the three largest frames they have that I liked. By entering my credit card number, name, and address, I ordered the three frames for a home try on. The trial frames are free and so is the postage, the card is just to ensure their return.

The new frames arrived within two days and I was excited and a bit apprehensive to try them on. I honestly didn’t expect to really like any of them so imagine my elation when I actually loved them all!

Here’s me in the frames I chose for a home try-on:

Rivet & Sway - Choice #1

Choice #1: Rivet & Sway Rizzo Frames, Color: Crushed Velvet

Rivet & Sway - Choice #2

Rivet & Sway Derring-Do in Vino Rosso – Choice #2

Rivet & Sway - Choice #3

Rivet & Sway Kairos in Roasted Chestnut – Choice #3

Designer Prescription Eyeglasses Online by Rivet & Sway

The glasses come in just 2-days! Try them on and then mail them back with the prepaid label

The glasses come in just 2-days! Try them on and then mail them back with the prepaid label

Returning the trial frames is so simple! Just seal up the box they came in with the clever seal built-in and apply the postage which is provided. Then pop it in any USPS mail box and you’re done! Then go online to Rivet & Sway and order your new glasses.

Rivet & Sway doesn’t have a large selection and that’s how they’re able to keep their prices so low. They stock about twenty of the most popular styles of designer prescription eyeglasses. The site is well done, easy to navigate, and logical. I’d planned on ordering a new pair of glasses but unfortunately I have bifocals and they’re not currently offering them. I could purchase the frames at a 10% discount and have lenses put in at my local optometrist. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do. Perhaps I’ll have Laura, our new blogger, give ’em a try.

So, which frame would you pick for me if I decide to order?  Frames #1 which are much chunkier than I’m used to and pink (although they do come in a tortoiseshell), #2 which are thin and show off my crooked ears, or #3 which would be my choice if I didn’t have you all to help me!