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I recently discovered an artisan community named Novica and I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to share this information you as well as host my first giveaway!  What is Novica you say?  Novica is an extremely unique concept that connects worldwide artisans with everyday consumers via the internet.  Working with National Geographic, Novica allows us to see available products from artisans from all over the world while sharing the artisan’s personal biography.  This allows every consumer to have a personal connection with the products they are buying.  No longer is the item coming from an online purchase, it’s coming from Oscar Figueroa Escorcia a silversmith from Taxco, Mexico.

Aventurine and Amethyst dangle earrings ‘Lianas’ from Nareerat via Novica

Aventurine and Amethyst dangle earrings ‘Lianas’ from Nareerat via Novica

Novica offers a plethora of available items but the area that really catches my attention is the jewelry.  I’m a lover of beautiful things and I’m extremely impressed with the options available for purchase.  Here are some of my favorite offerings from Novica;  Angel Wing silver necklace from Oscar Figueroa Escorcia, Aventurine and Amethyst dangle earrings ‘Lianas’ from Nareerat, Ebony cocktail ring, ‘Earth’s Wisdom’ from Caine, Marcasite and Garnet button earrings, ‘Little Owl’ from Narinee and Amber dangle earrings, ‘Honey Drops’ from Neeru Goel.

Novica - Make a microloan for an artisan of your choice

Novica – Make a microloan for an artisan of your choice

Novica also offers the option to set up a microloan for an artisan of your choice.  There are tons of artisans in need of some financial assistance in order to purchase new supplies. Once the artisan creates their products, the consumer is repaid the amount they loaned.  Talk about making a difference in someone’s wellbeing!  I really think this is one of the coolest things about Novica.

Are you looking to make some extra income? Novica offers a fun and entertaining home party division called Novica Live.  This allows consumers to have hands-on experience with some of the amazing products available for purchase.   As a Novica Live consultant you receive a discount on product and commission on sold items as well as incentives such as trips all over the world. The Starter Kits are priced at $199 with over $400 worth of samples and business materials.  This is a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys working in a fun and worldly conscious environment.  Check out Novica Live if you’re interested in hosting a party or becoming a consultant.

I’m a huge fan of Novica and I’m extremely impressed with their desire to help others.

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