American Reunion on DVD and Blu-ray - July 2012

American Reunion on DVD and Blu-ray –  release to home video July 10, 2012

Laura’s American Reunion Review

The Boys are back in town but this time it’s for their High School Reunion! Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Jason Biggs, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Seann William Scott return in the latest installment of the American Pie Series.  American Reunion (the unrated version) shines because of the familiar ties that exist between  Reunion and the first American Pie.  All of the characters we fell in love with the first time around return for their 10 13 year reunion.

This is a familiar and sentimental moment for me because as I write this I am quickly approaching my 10 year reunion.  I remember how much the antics of Jim and Stiffler affected my view of high school life and the challenges that will follow.  As the boys prepare for their reunion they share the same thought that every graduate considers, do we go to the reunion?

We quickly learn that Stiffler hasn’t changed, Jim and Michelle have a son who bears witness to some very adult activities, and Kevin is still struggling with the women.  While some can view this as a carbon copy of the previous installments, I view this as a realistic struggle every person faces.  In ten years after high school what have you accomplished?  Who have you become?  Seeing the characters identify with their challenges is refreshing and realistic.

This latest is also in my opinion the greatest since the original American Pie flick.  This is an endearing and hysterical film with constant laugh out loud moments.

This film is 100% rated R for some pretty understandable reasons; crude and sexual content throughout, full frontal male nudity as well as general nudity, language, brief drug use, and teenage drinking. This is not recommended for young children but for those of us who have witnessed the first of the series, we know what to expect from this bunch! Run time is 113 minutes and the movie doesn’t disappoint the diehard American Pie fan.

 American Reunion Details

  • Studio: Universal
  • DVD Release Date: July 10, 2012
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