Some of Big Brother 14's "colorful" cast members - a sneak peek at the season premiere

Some of Big Brother 14’s “colorful” cast members – a sneak peek at the season premiere – photo

It’s that time of year….summer.  Sunshine and sand and BIG BROTHER on CBS. Yes, I know, it’s a STUPID reality show and I’ve been watching it since the first season. Now I’m not one of those crazy super fans who can tell you everything about every player and every season, but yes, I do watch  it and worse, I get the live feeds.

Don’t know what the live feeds are? They’re cameras in the house that broadcast 24/7 and if you pay $39.99 for the 3 months the show is on, you too can be a Big Brother creeper like me! Granted, the feeds are down during live shows and during most competitions, but sometimes the endurance competitions are broadcast and that’s lots of fun.

By why glue myself to the computer for 3 months every summer? Well first, I make my living online so I’m here whether BB is on or not. I’m usually listening to Pandora, or listening to a TV show or movie on NetFlix or Hulu. I rarely watch them; I listen and glance at them from time to time while I work. When BB is on I generally do the same but I’ve been known to stop everything for a good fight or confrontation when it comes up on the feed. But most of the feed is just bland everyday stuff- getting ready, eating, chatting…but the game play and the fights are worth it.

The show on TV is so different from the live feeds – the feeds allow me to edit the show my way and not the way the producers want me to see it. I really get to know the players. And over the years I’ve really learned a lot from them. I learned that not everyone thinks like me and something completely common sense to me is a foreign concept to someone else. In fact, I credit BB with my ability to be pretty darn tolerant of people.

So this years big twist was accidently (?) leaked a few nights ago with BB fed live video out to subscribers which showed the four returning players.  They are:  Britney, Boogie, Dan, and Janelle.  I’m not a fan of Mike but the rest should be fun. And I’m not sure why CBS has such a love affair with the Hantz family – another Hantz is in this house after Survivor fed us Russel for so many helpings – yuck!

So reality show or not, there’s more than just entertainment in store for me this summer. Here’s hoping this cast is entertaining and enlightening.

How about you? BB fan?

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