Surprise twist in Big Brother 14 Premiere Night - NOT returning houseguests

Surprise twist in Big Brother 14 Premiere Night – and it’s NOT the returning houseguests

Big Brother 14 SPOILERS – Premiere Night Recap

Stop reading if you don’t like spoilers!

OK, so I won’t do a recap every night, but I just finished watching the premiere of Big Brother and I have to say, they pulled off a surprise! Maybe they purposely leaked who the returning people would be to throw us off the track of what they were really doing.

This year for the first time ever, someone was evicted on premiere night! And the HOH competition was actually fun to watch! The coaches did a playground picking of players and the last one chosen was Jodi, the only African American player and the oldest at 42. After teams were picked they competed with the winning team coach picking the HOH and the loser sending home the first player.

Brit’s team won and she picked Willie (what’s up with all the Will’s this year?!?) who’s been called out by several players as being related to Survivor jerk Russel Hantz. They’re right, they’re brothers. Dan’s team lost and he chose Jodi to go home. So, the only minority left in the house is the Puerto Rican lesbian rocker. This is the most non-culturally diverse cast in years. It’s kind of disheartening.

The preview for next week’s says another twist is coming and I’m thrilled. So many years of promising and not delivering on the “Expect the Unexpected.” Here’s hoping this year they live up to it.

The feeds are live at 10pm PST – will you be watching???

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