5 Easy Steps to a beautiful Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom Makeovers in 5 Quick and Easy Steps

Expecting guests this summer? It seems to be the time most people open their homes to relatives and friends. Here is my 5-step quick and easy bathroom makeover that will have your bathroom guest-ready in no time and for just a few dollars:

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    Clean It. Yep, there’s nothing worse than dingy tile, spotty floors, or mildew on the shower curtain. Give the entire room a top to bottom scrubbing and don’t forget to clean the mirrors and other shiny surfaces.  The tub and shower deserve special attention if you’re having guests – no one wants to shower with your child’s toys at their feet or worse, your teenager’s ring-around-the bathtub – yuck! A clean bathroom is a must in the makeover process. Don’t forget to change out or wash the shower curtain and bath rugs too while you’re in there.

  2. Light It: Great lighting makes applying make-up or shaving more pleasant. Plus if the lighting is adjustable, you can turn it down at bath time. If you already have a great light fixture, check for burnt out bulbs and replace them if necessary. Also consider switching from soft white to sunlight bulbs – they’ll cast a brighter and whiter glow.
  3. Prep It: Go shopping and buy a few key pieces to add. Stage the room with items you or your guests might need – add a great smelling hand and body lotion, provide a container of cotton balls and cotton swabs for make-up or clean-up, and scent the air with a fresh smelling air freshener. Don’t forget fabulous hand soap and hand towels for cleaning up.
  4. Stock It: Ready the shower with bath and body wash, shampoo, conditioner, or hand soap. If you have a bathtub, stage it with some magazines, books, a candle, and bubble bath along with some fluffy towels (it’s OK to have “guest” towels as long as you enjoy them occasionally). A bath is more inviting when it’s all set up and ready to go. Put extra bath tissue under the sink as well as cleaner for quick touch ups.
  5. Enjoy It: You don’t have to have guests to set your bathroom up as an oasis and getaway. Make it fresh, clean, and inviting and then use it! Relax in the tub with some music, a glass of wine, and that book you set out!

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Five tips for a quick and easy bathroom makeover

I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective – all opinions are my own.