Disney's CARS LAND opening week June 2012

Disney’s CARS LAND opening week June 2012

Here’s my Disney’s California Adventure Cars Land  video created with photos I took from my recent trip – just a few highlights of the newest land next to Disneyland. You may recognize some of the people in the video – I was on a trip with 24 other bloggers from all over the US. Such a great time and so much to see and do, even for someone like me with limited mobility.

Cars Land Video Photo Montage – Opening Week June 2012

Putting together this Cars Land video reminds me of what a wonderful day I had there. I didn’t ride any of the rides while there (I have a heat intolerance due to my neurological disorder so I didn’t feel well enough to ride this time – but I will on my next visit!); but even for people like me, there was plenty to do. I fell in love with the details the Disney Imagineers snuck into every crack and crevice of the park and I could have been there a few more hours discovering it all.  Plus there were parades, street vendors, streetmosphere entertainment, music, and so much more. I really could just sit on any given spot for hours and just soak in all that is Disney; I don’t need to ride the rides to have an amazing time.

I also really want to go back to enjoy Cars Land at night when all the neon signs are lighted, which I think will make it even more insanely fun. Even after spending 12 hours in Disney’s California Adventure I can’t wait to go back (when it’s cooler) and do it all again. I want to experience the Mad Tea Party and all the new additions they’ve made to the park this year. Disneyland is definitely a 3-5 day trip just for the basics  – if you really want to experience it without just glossing over the surface and running from place to place, plan a 5-7 day trip. You’ll thank me later!

When’s the best time to go to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure? Anytime. I’ve been there during the holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween are AMAZING) and during the off time in the dead of winter (my favorite), but there’s truly no bad time to visit. During the peak time you’ll have more guests but there are also more cast members on duty, more cars running on the rides, more parades and fireworks (all things that you’ll miss out on by going off peak).  Sure, you may wait in lines longer during the peak times but the tradeoffs are worth it. No matter what time you go take your patience with you and smile – it truly is the happiest place on earth if you allow it to be.

Cars Land - Flo's V8 Cafe

Cars Land – Flo’s V8 Cafe