Disney CARS LAND Interactive Map

Disney CARS LAND Interactive Map

Disney’s California Adventures park in Anaheim opened a new section of park last month and I got a chance to check it out! The new “land” is Cars-themed and it’s such a fun and unique addition to a park I already loved. It sports three new Cars Land rides and so much great stuff to see and do!

Disney’s Cars Land is modeled after the Pixar Studios Cars movie franchise and it’s designed to allow you to walk right into the movie. All of your favorite Cars characters are there and it’s themed right down to the food and treats sold. It’s absolutely a must-see on your next trip to Disneyland.

Do you have to be a fan of the Cars movies to enjoy the land? Heck no! It’s a look back at the Route 66 era as well. Even if you have no idea who the characters are, you’ll love Cars Land and its ode to America’s favorite way to travel. Plus there are places to shop, eat, and explore!  I loved the entire Cars Land experience and I didn’t ride a single ride – there’s so much to see and do that I will be making another trip to take it all in.

Disney's CARS LAND opening week - June 2012

Disney’s CARS LAND opening week – June 2012


The addition of Cars Land to Disney’s California Adventure adds three new rides to the park! These new Cars Land rides include:

  • Even adults will enjoy Mater's Junkyard Jamboree!

    Even adults will enjoy Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree!

    Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree – this fun ride let’s up to two adults and one child ride together in a trailer towed by a tractor. You’ll swing out left and right while Mater sings one of 7 original songs. All of the tractors have unique paint applications so no two are alike and the ride is adorably decorated with assorted auto parts and fun signs. You must be 32” or taller to enjoy Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.

  • I somehow completely missed Luigi’s Flying Tires. How I don’t know, because it’s an 8,000 square foot garden and tire storage yard with 6,714 air vents blowing over 1.86 million cubic feet of air per minute which keeps your tire floating just above the surface.  You ride inside a set of tires and up to 2 adults and 1 child can ride together (or 2 children and 1 adult). I’m definitely going to have to go back to experience this ride first hand! For this ride Little Luigi’s must be 32” or taller to ride.
  • I was so enamored with the outside I failed to realize there was a fabulous ride inside!

    Luigi’s Flying Tires – I was so enamored with the outside I failed to realize there was a fabulous ride inside!

    Radiator Springs Racers – This is to me the heart of Cars Land. In the back right corner, you’ll find the entrance for this ride, but you’ll feel like you’re a world away and deep in the heart of the desert. You’re whisked off to Ornament Valley where you’ll jump into your 6-person car and you’ll be off on a scenic road trip. The Disney Imaginers captured the movie in such an amazing way that you’ll marvel at the majestic look of this new area. This is a fast ride (think Test Track at Walt Disney World for comparison), but if you’re up for it you’ll zip through red-rock formations, through high-banked turns, and you’ll even race against other guests all while enjoying the Cadillac Range mountains (did you notice that the 6 peaks of the range resemble classic Cadillac tail fins from the 1957 to 1962 models?). Bring your camera – you’ll want to capture the beauty of this area, especially at night with the mountains are lighted! This ride requires the rider to be 40” or taller and it’s quite spectacular and may not be suitable for all park guests.

Radiator Springs Racer Photos

Radiator Springs Racers – photo compliments of Disney and used with permission

Too hot? Check out Flo's V8 Cafe for a cool place to grab a drink or snack

Too hot? Check out Flo’s V8 Cafe for a cool place to grab a drink or snack


  • It was HOT when I was there. For a place to cool off, check out Flo’s V8 Cafe right in the center of town. You’ll find comfortable seating in an air-conditioned location. It’s a great place to grab a cold drink, use the restroom (located on the right side of Flo’s), watch the crowds go by, and wait for others in your party to finish their rides to meet up with you.
  • For a fast and healthy snack stop by Filmore’s Taste-In. It’s the psychedelic geodetic dome right at the start of Cars Land and you’ll find fresh whole fruit there as well as bottled water. I purchased a banana and water for breakfast in my room the next day as I left the park at night.
  • Use the parent swap at any of the rides so you can enjoy the ride even if your little one isn’t tall enough. Disney makes it easy for families to enjoy the park.
  • Get a Fast Pass first thing in the morning for these new rides. Their was a 240 minute wait for Radiator Springs while I was there and Fast Passes for the day were gone by 9am. Plan ahead and make sure you have the best shot at riding these popular new rides.
  • Don’t forget to stop and have your picture taken in front of the Mater statue located in front of the Fire Station.

Disney CARS LAND Links

  • Check out the new Cars Land webpage on Disney’s website – it’s really a creative piece of genius and fun to experience before visiting the park in person. It includes the voices of your favorite characters introducing you to all of the features of the new park. There’s also a Cars Land map and visitor’s guide.
  • Cars Land Hours and information