Find out more about cartons and why they're better at

Find out more about cartons and why they’re better at

Consumers “vote” every day for the world we want to live in by what we buy. Our voices speak loudly about what we’re willing to do for the environment by what we put in our shopping carts. When we buy greener choice products we’re taking a stand.

Don’t believe it? Try to buy pink slime in your store – customers were outraged and demanded better and they got it. We can do the same by choosing packaging that’s better for the environment. By limiting the amount of plastic packaging we purchase we can make a huge difference in the resources we use, the waste they produce, and the way the products are recycled after use.

Milk jugs are a thing of the past - we're switching to cartons

Milk jugs are a thing of the past – we’re switching to cartons

So what’s a better package? A paper carton is one of the better choices.  One of the great thing about cartons is they block UV rays and that’s why they’re commonly used for products like milk, cream, juices, etc. In fact, it’s a great choice over those terrible plastic jugs! (Yes, I’m guilty – in checking out my refrigerator I found a plastic milk jug – now that I know better I’ll only purchase cartons from now on).

Why are paper cartons better? For one, products in cartons require less packaging and on average the packaging only represents about 6% of the purchased product. Plus they’re made from materials that are renewable and those made by Evergreen Packaging cartons are made from forests that are responsibly managed.

Another reason is that more than 41 million households can recycle their cartons with their household recycler and that number is rising. Plus those recycled cartons go on to become wall boards, office paper, building materials, and tissue so they have a second life!

Show your support by educating others about the benefits of paper cartons.  Every carton fact shared, via Twitter, using the hashtag #choosecartons will help raise money for Habitat for Humanity® !

Want to learn more?  Check out It’s an online destination that lets consumers check out interactive tools that allow them to share their choices with others to promote the use of better packaging. Plus Evergreen Packaging is making a donation to Habitat for Humanity® with each social share with the amount of the donation increasing as the message gets shared.

So while you’re sharing eco-facts about cartons or playing the interactive Carton Checkout game, you’re helping the fund for Habitat for Humanity® grow. Plus there are great green tips for the home, information on how to recycle your cartons, and more.

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