Win this cleaning caddy filled with Comet Stainless Steel Cleaning Products and a $25 gift card

Win this cleaning caddy filled with Comet Stainless Steel Cleaning Products and a $25 gift card

I will go on record as saying that I don’t understand the popularity of stainless steel appliances.  I have only one, our dishwasher, and it’s enough to let me know that stainless steel is too much work.  I’ve tried lots of different cleaners on it, but nothing has completely cleaned off the water streaks down the front of it.

Still, I haven’t given up trying to clean it and Comet just sent me three new stainless steel cleaners to try on it.  All of them are said to leave the appliances clean, streak-free, and with a sparkling shine and they’re said to be scratch-free and gentle. But the best part is they’re free from harsh chemical fumes and irritants.

Comet offers three formulas so you can pick the perfect one for your cleaning need. The spray is meant for lighter cleaning, the cream is for medium staining, and the powder is for the toughest scrubbing.

I’m also looking forward to trying out the Comet Stainless Steel Powder on the kitchen sink. I’ve used traditional powdered cleansers on it for years (it’s 30-years old) and it still looks pretty great. I’m hoping that the new Stainless Steel Powder ups the cleaning power and leaves it sparkling.  I’ll also be trying the Comet Stainless Steel Cream and Comet Stainless Steel Spray on my pots and pans and that silly dishwasher.  They can also be used in the bathroom or anywhere else you have stainless steel.

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Win a Comet Cleanser Stainless Steel Products Cleaning Caddy

Want to try some of Comet’s New Stainless Steel products yourself? I have a great spring cleaning caddy full of their products plus a $25 American Express gift card! The value of the prize is $60 and it’s enough to get your kitchen and bathroom spic and span! Entering is easy – just answer the question on the Rafflecopter Widget below and you’re entered to win!  This prize is provided and delivered by a 3rd party on Comet’ s behalf.
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