Steve and the boys 1989

Steve and the boys 1989

Father’s Day is pretty low key around here. For years after my father died I just stayed home from any celebrations and had a day alone. It’s been 24 years since my dad died and while I still miss him, I realized that I wasn’t celebrating my fabulous husband who happens to be an outstanding dad, and so in the last few years I’ve tried to do a little something to remind him that we adore him. But mostly I just try to be fabulous towards him the 0ther 364 days of the year – to us that’s more important than a one day celebration.

This year we’re in the middle of a master bedroom makeover (after 22 years, can you believe it!), so I bought him a new Smart TV. He’s challenged when it comes to technology and the benefit of this one is there’s one remote and he can watch Netflix and the Cable TV without messing it up – at least that’s my hope. There’s just one remote control necessary to control all of the functions so he’s less likely to use the wrong remote for the wrong function which is what usually happens. So technically it’s also a gift for me because the hubby is a bit of a baby when he screws up the TV and I have to fix it. Still, he watches television so rarely that I wanted it to be a pleasant experience for him.

Father’s Day Dad Blogger Dove Shout Out

Whit and I at the Real Steel Press Junket and yes, that's Hugh Jackman in the back row with us!

Whit (back row, left end) and I (back row, right end) at the Real Steel Press Junket and yes, that’s Hugh Jackman in the back row with us!

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great dads in the last year at blogging events, but Dove’s asked me to pick my favorite and that’s easy. My favorite dad blogger is Whit Honea. He writes for several outlets, but his personal blog is Honea Express (rhymes with pony). I spent several days with him in LA on a Disney/DreamWorks Press Junket a few months ago and I found him to be funny, kind, and generous. Whit blogs about his family and his love for his wife and children that ranges from terribly funny to sweet and honest. He’s an incredibly talented writer and a gifted humorist and for this reason, of all the dad bloggers I’ve met, Whit stands above the crowd.

So to Whit, HAPPY FATHERS DAY! And to all you other fathers out there, may you take a moment on your special day and reflect on how very; very lucky you are to have children. They’re truly a gift.

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