Cast of MTV's TEEN WOLF - Season 1

Cast of MTV's TEEN WOLF - Season 1

I just finished watching MTV“s Season one of TEEN WOLF. I’ll admit it, I dreaded watching it because I assumed it’d be like every other vampire show and I’d hate it. Yes, I’ll go on record as saying I’ve never seen TWILIGHT and never will. I’m not a fan of that kind of genre with the exception of GRIMM which I have enjoyed.

That said, I found TEEN WOLF to be very well made and enjoyable. I buzzed through all of the episodes in two days and thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the storyline, and the music. Yes, it is teen/tween focused so there’s some great music. For me it was very much the “Pretty Little Liars for the young adult males with enough relationships and hot bodies to bring in the young adult women. It’s the perfect mix that likely is attractive to both sexes.

The series is a contemporary tale of a typical high school teen that’s not popular and a bit of a loner. He’s attacked by a creature which left him with a large bite mark on his side. He keeps the attack to himself and covers the wound only to find that it has miraculously healed by the next day. This unusual occurrence starts him on the path to discover that he’s no longer the same. Of course the balance of power in his new world changes and there’s lots of back and forth between the characters, but even so, the story is compelling.

TEEN WOLF the Complete First Season is available now on DVD. The DVD features a special expanded finale that was never aired on television.  MTV’s TEEN WOLF Season 2 is currently airing. For the times in your local visit the TEEN WOLF webpage.


  • Extended version of the season’s final episode – “Code Breakers”
  • Deleted, alternate, and extended scenes
  • A fun gag reel
  • A truly special featurette – a season’1 1 shirtless male montage
  • Featurettes – Behind-The-Scenes; Following The Pack; Love Bites, and Teen Wolf cast on the Red Carpet

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