First day of home skin laser treatment photo

Day one - photo taken 5 minutes after first treatment and before removing laser gel

I know, I promised no more naked face photos on the internet, but I’ve just started an in-home 30-day laser skin resurfacing treatment process to remove my wrinkles. Here’s a photo I took five minutes after my first treatment and yes, it was more pronounced in person. The laser felt like a hundred bee stings all at once and I went to bed with an ice pack on my face. Ah, the things we do for beauty. Until now all of my testing/experiments have been for topical beauty products.

The bad thing is I’m going to a Disney red carpet premier for the movie BRAVE (read: BRAVE, PEOPLE LIKE US, FRANKENWEENIE and CARS Land June Press Trip) in a bout 3 weeks and I’ll be much further into the process then. It’s bad timing on my part; by then my entire eye area will be red and swollen and my skin will be flaking off – a sign that new skin is being generated below.  Yikes. I’m still wondering how I’m going to travel with it. The thought of it in my checked baggage scares me but I’m now sure I’d get it past security and on to the plane – it looks a little bit like a tazer!  This should be a fun challenge.

I’m a little worried about what I’ll look like for the next month but I’ve seen the one-day doctor results which are painful to look at and then the entire face peels within 3 days. I don’t think I could take that pain. This is like pulling off a bandage a centimeter at a time…it’s every day for 30-days and then once a week or so after to maintain it. I used it at the lowest setting…I can’t imagine what I’d look like on high.

I still feel like I have a sunburn on my face but it’s not horrible. Remind me I said that after tonight’s treatment where more of my face is involved. 🙂 I’m not mentioning the brand until I complete the 30-day trial.

Have you ever tried anything so drastic? Would you?

Home skin laser resurfacing tool - after first treatment on day 1

Home skin laser resurfacing tool - after first treatment on day 1

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