Fairy tales aren't just for girls

I love fairy tales and I don’t find many quotes about them beyond the usual princess meets prince and lives happily ever after.  I’m OK with that, call me a Pollyanna, but I’m all for the happy ending. I’m sometimes taken to task about why there aren’t any fairy tales where the prince is swept off his feet by a princess. I always thought we were forgetting when the tales were written – in a time where that was the way of life.

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Today I stumbled upon the quote above while surfing the web and I think it reflects our modern day sensibilities quite accurately. I know  my own husband and children (boy adult males) would agree. I’d like to think that they’re as enamored with a kind heart, soft glance, and romantic touch as most women are. I know my husband is and it’s a side of him I appreciate.

What do you think of the quote?  Is it accurate? Are fairy tales just a feminine dream or a feminism nightmare?