Glee Season 3 Finale - Graduation and Good-bye

Yes, I’m a 50-year old Gleek.  Mix comedy and musical theatre and I’m hooked and have been since the first episode. Sure, much of it is over the top and my husband mocks me and the show every time he sees me watching it; but it’s actually a pretty accurate look at the school experience – the beginning and endings – and everything in between.  Sure, they overuse the “nationals” thing but having been a band and orchestra kid, it really brings back a lot of great memories of my own time in the school music programs – there’s a special camaraderie that grows between the kids that is never quite matched after high school. In fact, of all of the kids I graduated with (1800 in all), I’m only in contact now 33 years later with a very few, and all of them I’ve reconnected with I knew through band and orchestra.

Tonight I wasn’t feeling well so I curled up on my bed and put on the most recent Glee episode entitled “Good-bye.” It was the first time a class has graduated on the show and I’m having to say good-bye to some of my favorite characters in this episode.  Sure, I knew they’d have to grow up some time and some of the actors playing these high schoolers are a decade older than the character they portray and it’s getting harder to make them look authentic in their teen roles.

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But tonight I was in tears within minutes as the kids’ fates were revealed and it was so very much like real life. We’re all told we can do anything we put our minds to and while that’s technically possible; it’s not really that likely.  We had a “Rachel” in our high school who went on to some success here in the NW, but most of us will never sing, act, dance, or play an instrument professionally and thankfully the show did reflect that reality. Sure, some kids will be following their dreams, but many other will have everyday existences like the rest of us.  That’s just one of the things I love about Glee – it’s impossibly silly and yet realistic at the same time.

Check out more Glee Season 3 Finale Photos and yearbook videos and more at the official Glee website  (Good-bye Graduation episode)

Check out more Glee Season 3 Finale Photos and yearbook videos and more at the official Glee website (Good-bye Graduation episode)

Watching the final scenes between the betrothed Rachel and Finn was so amazingly touching and real. The show gave Rachel the sendoff her character deserves.   I will really miss these two characters immensely and like the kids on the show I’ve been denying the fact that the show is about to make a really big change – like them, I’m not sure if I’m ready for it and yet I remember complaining a few weeks ago about the show getting stale. I could do without the addition of the Housewives of Atlanta’s, Nene Leeks, but I’ve loved the other characters added this year through the fabulous Glee Project and I’m guessing from last weeks’ episode that a certain cross-dressing singer from the rival school will become one of the new glee club members.

Tonight as I said my own good-bye to my favorite characters and was at peace with moving on when I happened upon an exclusive comment by director Ryan Murphy and I was stunned.

“We had a meeting, and you know we’ve become like a family, and I said to them, ‘Anybody who wants to stay on the show will stay on the show,'” he said. To be clear, that includes McKinley staff played by Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, and Jayma Mays. “They’re all coming back,” Murphy continued. “Anyone who is a regular is coming back. Everyone said yes.”

At the same time, Murphy isn’t specifying how long “coming back” means for certain characters. “It doesn’t mean everyone will be doing 22 episodes, but everyone wants to stay in our family and our world,'” he said. “I wanted to make sure those actors know that if they want to have a home, they have a home. If they want to explore new and different things while also having a home, that is also an option.”

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WHAT?!? But I said good-bye and I’m ready to move on….but it’s not so cut and dried with this show. Now I’m not sure how I feel about this but you can bet in the fall I’ll be there to see how it all shakes out.

What do you think? Time to let the seniors move on or great that they’ll be back in one way or another. Personally I’d have loved a Rachel spin-off where she becomes a small star in a big pond – now that’d be fun!

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