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My Shout Experience

Stains!?! You’d assume that when the kids grew up and moved out that stains would no longer be an issue in our home; but you’d be wrong. I can’t seem to eat a meal without spilling some on my shirt. And I have a DIY husband who never sits down and who’s always working in the yard, garage, or on the car. Plus I have three dogs – need I say more?!?

I’m constantly trying to find a way to get stains out, especially oil stains (salad dressing is the worst).  My most recent attempt to ban stains from our household was with a name that’s been associated with stains for years – Shout®. What I like about it is the way it’s applied – with a spray trigger that’s comfortable and easy to use which is important to these older hands. I’ve tried stain sticks and other ways of applying stain remover in the past, but I love that this is sprayed on and it penetrates the fabric.

My Stain - unidentified dirt on the elbow of my favorite shirt

Testing out SHOUT's stain removing capabilities

Read instructions before treating fabric

Shout® Trigger boasts a triple- acting formula of enzymes and stain fighting ingredients that remove even tough stains. Shout® Trigger is safe for any colorfast and washable fabric and it works in any water temperature.

So how did Shout® Trigger work? I tried it on our new duvet cover that the dogs stained on the first day on the bed. I think the stain is an oily treat mark (ie., a piece of steak) – the hubby feeds the dogs way too much junk food and he usually does it on the couch and bed. So annoying! I also tried it on my husband’s work jeans – they’re caked in all kinds of household gunk as well as car grease. And I tried it on an unidentified stain on the elbow of my favorite denim shirt, one I plan on taking with me on a trip this weekend.

Spraying the stain

Work the spray into the stain

My stain is gone!

I’m happy to report all of the stains came out with one application and one washing. Treating was simple – spray, rub, allow to sit, and then wash in the hottest water allowed for the fabric. Then dry as usual and enjoy!

Shout® Trigger can be purchased at Walmart as well as other large retailers and grocery stores.