We’re getting close to finishing our master bedroom makeover. We’re down to the fun part – the decorating. As enjoyable as that is, it means making some tough choices that we’ll have to live with for years.  Specifically, how to handle the window coverings for the one window in the room.

Our home was built in the 70’s so the window, like all the windows in our house, is wider than tall. This means that when it comes to blinds or shades, there’s no such thing as buying off the shelf – we always have to go custom. We had 1″ aluminum blinds there for the last twenty years and they were fine, but the almond color didn’t go with the new room decor. We considered taking them apart and painting them because they were still in perfect condition, but we decided it was too much work.

That’s when we found out about the worry-free blinds and shades offered by Good Housekeeping.  They’re backing a collection of window coverings in all price ranges, styles, and colors; however, what they all have in common is that they’re guaranteed to be defective-free.  Plus they’re available online and they’re easy to order – everything we were looking for in new window coverings.

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Good Housekeeping Custom Blinds and Shades  Ordering

Ordering is easy – just visit the Good Housekeeping Custom Blinds and Shades website and pick out your favorite style and then visit any of the authorized online retailers listed on the site. Because these blinds and shades are only available online, you can request a fabric swatch prior to ordering to be sure you’re getting the perfect shade and/or fabric for your installation.

Measuring For Your Custom Blind:

Measuring was easy but to be sure you’re doing it correctly, read their complete measuring instructions and watch a “how to” measuring video.  Thankfully all you need to do is measure your window casing (height and width to the nearest 1/8”)- the retailer makes the rest of the adjustments for a perfect fit.

Ordering Process and Installation

Just a few tools and the blinds were installed in minutes

Just a few tools and the blinds were installed in minutes

Ordering was easy and I loved that the price updated immediately whenever I made a change in color, style, size, etc., so I could see real-time what my costs were and how my choices affected the overall price. I received a shipping confirmation that once again confirmed my choices. I love all the checks and balances along the way confirming size, color, and style and yet when a very long and narrow box arrived a few days later I was a little worried. The length of the box was over 6′ and I thought maybe I’d ordered them wrong!

I needn’t have worried – the box length was to enclose all the quality packing materials that allowed the blind to arrive in perfect condition. After unwrapping and checking the fit of the shade; it was time for installation. A few simple tools including a drill, screw driver, and measuring tape were all we needed to get the blind in place. Total installation took about 10 minutes and the fit is perfect.

In hindsight I should have gone with silver and not the oil rubbed bronze, but we'll add some other accents in the finish so the blinds will blend in.

In hindsight I should have gone with silver and not the oil rubbed bronze, but we’ll add some other accents in the finish so the blinds will blend in. The wall is silver – it’s off in this photo.

About the Blinds

We chose white because we want a monotone look in the room and the casings are Martha Stewart’s Tailor’s Chalk White – the blinds match perfectly!  They’re light filtering and we originally considered room darkening for the extra energy savings, but we’re happy with our choice. They’re actually much more opaque than we expected and much better quality than most cellular shades we’ve purchased before.

The cordless mechanism works well but takes a little getting used to; still, I don’t miss the cord at all and although we no longer have children in the house, it’s still nice to know that we don’t have a hanging hazard in our home.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the new blinds and we’ll be adding curtain panels with color soon – just as soon as we settle on that color. Until then, we’ve got some great fitting and good looking blinds.