AMDRO® Ant Block® Home Perimeter Ant Bait

Ants - they can really ruin my day.

I love most creatures big and small.  Heck I’m a vegetarian and I rarely hurt any living creature with a few exceptions and ants are one of them. I hate ants. I wouldn’t mind them so much if they’d stay outside and leave my home to me; but every year starting in March we get an invasion of what we call sugar ants coming in through the walls.

They find the crumbs you didn’t notice behind the chair or the sick your dog threw up after his last bone. No matter how much we follow all the rules about cleanliness – clean and dry sink, mopped floor, wiped counters, empty garbage cans, etc. – they still find their way to the one thing we didn’t know was hiding in the corner, or the food wrapper that was left in the trash by an unknowing visitor. We generally use sweet traps – traps that use borax and corn syrup – to lure them in and they carry the poison back to their nests, but sometimes that’s not enough.  When we’ve tried all the non-toxic and less toxic ways inside the house we pull out the big guns and treat the perimeter of our house to kill them before they get in.

Disgusting little creatures - I know they're important to the eco-system, but I draw the line when they're in my house.

Disgusting little creatures - I know they're important to the eco-system, but I draw the line when they're in my house.


Amdro Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait 24oz

AMDRO® Ant Block® Home Perimeter Ant Bait works much the same as our sweet traps, only it does it outside.  You cover the area around your foundation (or other infested area) and the worker ants take the bait and return to the nest with what they think is food. The queen accepts the gift not realizing that it will ultimately prevent her from producing more worker ants and the colony will die off.  This treatment will work to eliminate the colony within two to four weeks.  The 24oz bottle is enough to treat the standard home up to six times.

AMDRO® Ant Block® Home Perimeter Ant Bait is highly attractive to 15 different ant species, killing 50 percent more species of ants than Spectracide® Ant Shield® Home Barrier Granules.* 


AMDRO® storage and disposal

AMDRO® Ant Block® Home Perimeter Ant Bait storage and disposal

ALWAYS wear protective gear when working with chemicals (respirator mask, gloves, and eye protection) and work with it outside in a ventilated area only.  Here’s more about this specific product and its safe use and exposure precautions- Amdro Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait Material and Safety Datasheet (MSDS). And please dispose of the remnants safely.  This product should never be used when rain is expected and it should be kept from drains that lead to streams because it will kill fish and other creatures we’d like to keep around.

AMDRO Commercial “Death Note” Directed by Rob Zombie

The video sums up how I feel about ants 🙂


We suggest avoiding ant invasion by taking precautions like avoiding any food particles left in the sink, counter, garbage cans, etc.  If you do all this and still have these critters inside we suggest a more environmentally friendly ant killer inside the home and one that’s safe around pets and kids. And if all of these fail and you’re still battling the creatures, use AMDRO® Ant Block® Home Perimeter Ant Bait to knock them out.

AMDRO, under their parent company Central Garden & Pet, provides additional pest killing products for your home and garden.


We’ll be having an ant-killing party in a few days and I’ll share how that turns out in a few weeks.  Until then, the folks at AMDRO® have given us a $50 gift card to give to one of you to arm you for ant season!

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